Tuesday 30 January 2018

A Valentine's Tipple: Damson Gin from The Lakes Distillery

Today I am sharing a blog post on one of the North's very own distilleries and their fabulous Damson Gin. I am of course talking about The Lakes Distillery. Lately, a demand for artisan beverages from real ales to spirits infused with different wonderful wild berry flavours from local areas has dramatically risen. It appears that we are all looking for something that little bit different and special and why not? It is good to shake things up (especially if it's a cocktail!) and try something unique with friends and family. Gin, speciality varieties and gin bars have become incredibly fashionable as of late, with every city introducing new bars which promise to serve up any kind of gin related drink which your heart could possibly desire. If you are looking to uncover some expertly crafted, top quality, artisan produce in your chosen tipple, The Lakes Distillery, opened in December 2014, has got the answer for you. Nestled in the heart of the Lake District in the picturesque setting of Bassenthwaite Lake, Cumbria and surrounded by majestic Lakeland peaks and fells, this unique distillery produces its very own range of The Lakes Gin and Whisky on site, and you can even go on a distillery tour which I was lucky enough to go on last year. I've been kindly sent a bottle of their Damson Gin Liqueur, which is perfect served up with rose lemonade and ice for a fruity and flavoursome alternative to a classic gin and tonic, or if you prefer your spirits neat, you can enjoy it on its own or alternatively with ice for an effortless but perfect evening drink. The Damson Gin tastes of plums with a subtle hint of aromatic spice. It has the fruity aroma of cherries, plums and juniper berries too. The damsons which are used to create the gin are carefully combined with fifteen different botanicals, seven of which are actually native to the Lake District National Park.
As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, you could try making a cocktail for, or even with your loved one for a fun drinks 'DIY' activity! On this occasion, I wanted to keep the recipe for a gin drink simple yet oh so effective, as it is such a uniquely flavoured spirit, that it really should be the main flavour focus of your cocktail or spritzer. The recipe for this Lakes Distillery Damson Gin and Rose Lemonade spritzer is super simple and can be created in a matter of moments, leaving you with plenty of time to spend with friends, family or your other half! 
Damson Gin and Rose Lemonade spritzer
Refreshing and unique, this easy spritzer is a perfect Valentine's Day drink! (The colour is also pink so win win!)
.The Lakes Distillery's Damson Gin
.Rose Lemonade (Fentimans do a great one)
.Fresh Lemon (for the zest which adds a fruity and delicious twist)
1. Chill your mixer and make the ice cubes if you don't already have any.
2. Once the ice is ready, put 3 - 5 cubes in to the glass.
3. Add 25ml of the Damson Gin to the glass on top of the ice.
4. Top with the chilled Rose Lemonade. This botanical mixer is really complimentary to the fruity gin.
5. Finally, garnish with the zest of a lemon.
6. Serve up and enjoy!
You can check out The Lakes Distillery's website and browse their online shop here. Check out their Damson Gin here.
You can check out The Lakes Distillery on Instagram & Twitter too for more drinks inspiration.
What is your usual tipple of choice? Have you tried out any flavoured gins which have become so popular lately? Let me know! Bilgi   x
This post is written in collaboration with The Lakes Distillery - all opinions remain honest and my own

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