Saturday 25 March 2017

Brogues For Any Occasion

You know some staples you've got in your wardrobe, the ones which never fail to seamlessly 'mix and match' with other things? They're likely to also be the garments that get the most airing and are your most loved, am I right? Well, there was one essential of the shoe variety which I have always loved and thought to be timelessly stylish and sophisticated. Perfect for matching with rolled up jeans, a skirt and tights, knee high socks, a pinafore, you name it, they match it. I'm talking about brogues. When I was about 10, I was bought a pair and I adored them and wore them constantly - I think it's something about the shape and style of them which makes the completely distinct from other shoes. They seem to be infused with character, charm and a sense of literary creativity, which I love about them. So when I was fortunate enough to be sent a pair of Clark's 'Narrative' style brogue in the traditional antique tan shade, I was truly delighted. I adore the darker tonal shading on the front and how shiny they are. Plus they fit amazingly well, which is of course essential - that's all down to the "Cushion Plus" technology that is used on them. Today it can be all too easy to get swept up with the throwaway fashion market (check out my other post on the value of 'Essentially Classic' fashion here) and the shoes from those ranges just don't have anywhere near the same kind of longevity and comfort as a good quality pair. These shoes would be well at home in the hallowed halls of any respectable publishing house in the city.
'Narrative' range tan brogues from Clarks - my new favourites

It's All In The Detail
These brogues are essentially a classic shoe and with the punched out detailing, veneered heel for that extra touch and tan laces which match the colour of the leather, it's really no surprise that they are a best seller across the Clarks range.

Shop these Hamble Oak brogues from Clarks here

SS2017 - The Forecast
So I thought I would also take this blog post as an opportunity to let you know what collections I am loving this Spring / Summer. I'm not the kind of person to get swept away with 'fashion fads' - I prefer classic and timeless style that can transcend any fashion phases. So this year I'm really loving the Ralph Lauren women's wear collection. Of course they're famous for making some of the most highly esteemed polo and cotton Oxford shirts going, all emblazoned with the classic Ralph Lauren polo player hallmark. I personally love their slim fit Oxford shirt in 'Deco Pink' - you can check it out here. I'm a fan of white skinny jeans, especially in the summer months, and this shirt would match them beautifully I think. They also have a stunning collection of other equally gorgeous pieces including linen boat neck sweaters and luxurious cable knit jumpers. Their new floral print silk and nautical striped Bengal-cotton dresses also have caught my eye and would most certainly look stylish on holiday. You can check out the whole Ralph Lauren range by clicking here:

City living with country inspired style

What are your favourite classic wardrobe essentials? Have you got a go-to outfit or piece that you can always count on to bring an outfit to life? Let me know! Bilgi x

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