Sunday 26 February 2017

Jeanius: Styling Double Denim

It's one of those fashion styles that everyone knows about and has an (often strong) opinion about. In this instance, I'm taking about the 'Double Denim' look, loved and loathed in almost equal measure, however fashion savvy individuals with key pieces know how to pair their denim together, to look timelessly cool in an ever-easy, casually fashionable sense. I think most of us rely on jeans on a day-to-day basis, as they're pretty darn versatile and easy to style in a multitude of ways. Topshop never ceases to impress me with it's eclectic range of denim and in such a variety of styles. This pair of jeans I'm wearing are Topshop's Joni style; zipped, high-waisted, skinny fit without belt loops, so they fit smoothly. Practically perfect in every way. I've chosen to create this double denim look with my vintage shop Mustang jeans denim jacket, purchased from Scarlett Ribbons in Durham city. well worth a look when you're in town. I like that I know the clothes have lived an alternate life, likely on the other side of the world. Maybe this jacket belonged to a city dashing New Yorker in the 80s, some skate boarding enthusiast or artist with a rooftop studio, who knows?! It's an interesting concept though, plus vintage pieces arguably have more longevity.

I've chosen to add some antique brown to this look, in the heels I'm wearing and the rucksack. I like to have a consistency within some of my outfits and I think that doing so draws the overall look together nicely and makes the denim look more formal almost, if you can ever make denim formal that is.
I would also wear this outfit with cream creepers or even a nice pair of trainers, it all just depends upon when and where you're going to be wearing the outfit, plus if you feel you can walk in heels for any given distance! Sometimes I do, but if I know I'm going to be trekking about the city or going places in a hurry, then flats are a more foot-friendly option! 
Wavy hair vibes. If you want to create your own waves, you can check out my over night mermaid hair how-to post.

Shop the post:
Jeans: Joni at Topshop
Jacket: Vintage from Scarlett Ribbons
Shoes: Clarks
White jumper: H&M
Haircare: John Frieda

What fashion phases have you given a whirl lately? Do you dare to try the double denim look? I'd recommend it, I love it! Bilgi x

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