Wednesday 28 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas

I love Christmas and all the fun festivities that go along with it like movie watching every night, sparkly lights all over the house and home made Christmas cake. Today I'm going to show you a little insight into what I got this year for Christmas and highlight some of my favourite gifts! I didn't ask for anything, but I was lucky enough to still be given lots of lovely presents by my family.
I love surprises, and I got plenty of beautiful ones on Sunday. I love being given pretty things, so I was of course delighted to receive jewellery and make-up. I got the No. 7 rose gold shimmer palette which has a gorgeous selection of pink hues in it - I like to wear shimmer block powder just above my blush line. I also got No. 7's 'Stroke of Midnight' lash mascara in black and skincare in the form of No. 7's 'All Night Long' night cream
I also got some grey marl Calvin Klein socks which I know will be ideal for under my winter boots when it snows (which I think will be soon, it's absolutely freezing now!) and a travel size 'Aromatics In White' Clinique perfume.

Photo shows: No. 7 'Little Bauble of Beauty' including 'Dramatic Lift Mascara', 'Matte Lip Crayon' in Raspberry Wine, 'Stay Perfect  Liquid Eyeliner' in black, Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum', Revlon lip butter in 080 Strawberry Shortcake, Topshop 'Catch Me' butterfly necklace
The Christmas gift array. (I'm a lucky girl!)

I also got some stunning Jamie jeans from Topshop with cut knees and this really hipster-esque hat with stripes, which will look great with my vintage Mustang jacket (a vintage store gem of a purchase which I have worn time and time again!)
These Clarks boots are my absolute winter dream - they are SO warm and I love the outside faux fur on them too. They're so Laura Croft in Siberia in the second Tomb Raider film! I actually think they'll go effortlessly well with my new jeans or other black skinny jeans too. Top gifts by any standards!
Boxing Day Sales Purchase

Sanctuary Covent Garden is one of my favourite bath and body care brands and I picked up this advent calendar style gift set on Boxing Day from Boots. When I go to the sales, I am very selective with what I buy and I don't get lost in a shopping frenzy, I like to make considered buys that I know I'll get full use out of. This box of goodies has a whopping 24 different bath and body care items in it, from scented candles to bubble baths, face masks and body scrubs, I literally cannot wait to start using it! I like to switch up the products which I use so having small sized items is perfect for me as it means I won't be using the same thing for ages and getting bored with it. I literally have something new for everyday of the week!
Shop the Sanctuary range here.
What are your favourite gifts of 2016? Did you make any golden Boxing Day sales purchases? Bilgi x

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