Saturday 3 December 2016

How To Have The Ultimate Relaxing Weekend

Today I’m going to let you into a few little secrets that will help this weekend be better than the last. Yes, yes, today we all live in the fast lane of life, rushing from one lecture to another, going to work, trying to catch that bus that we know we’ll be able to if we leave just five minutes early and then sprint in our oh-so appropriate shoes. Does any of this sound familiar? People, it is well and truly time to step back and learn how to have the most chill weekend you’ve ever had. Thank me later.
Ultimate Tips on How To Have a Super Chilled Weekend
By the end of the weekend, you should be glowing from the inside out.
Have a luxurious bath
You know the score, get the bubble works going, get some colourful fizzy goodness in there and if you’re really going all out (which I definitely was, all in the art to show you how to find your inner Zen of course) add some flowers so you feel like a Pre-Raphaelite painting. Lush Cosmetics Ltd. are famous for their cruelty free bath bombs and I would definitely recommend indulging in one. There’s such a variety of scents and themes to choose from (have you seen the Santa bath bomb that’s in stores at the moment?!) that you’re guaranteed to find one that you find appealing. Get ready for an intergalactic bath! Here I use Lush’s 'Big Blue' bath bomb, infused with essential oils and real seaweed to help you channel your inner mermaid.

Do a DIY Manicure
There is nothing wrong with spending a bit of time to treat yourself and make yourself feel good. Give yourself a pop of nail colour before chilling out for the night. (Note: It’s always a good idea to paint your nails when you won’t have to really do any other practical tasks, because it’s almost impossible not to smudge a nail no matter how careful you try to be!)
My personal favourite colours tend to be pastel pink, a classic French polish, sometimes with a glitter topcoat and nude.
Use a face pack

It’s the end of the week and let’s face it (you get it...) we could all do with some TLC and a face pack is a great little way to help yourself feel rejuvenated from the outside. Depending on how your skin is feeling I would recommend using a face pack that corresponds accordingly. My personal favourite is Clinique’s face mask which you can leave on for 10 minutes, although I tend to leave it for longer because I’m really maxing it out! The Body Shop also offer some lovely ones, namely their Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing mask which is good for soothing and hydrating your skin.

If you’re feeling really creative, you can even make your own out of oats or avocado, however I usually think that super foods do more good if you eat them rather than smudge them on the outside of you!

Reading a new book and lighting some scented candles would be ideal multi-tasking activities whilst you're wearing the face pack!
Make Pancakes

The official ‘pancake day’ may not be until February / March, but that is too long to wait. An ultimate weekend breakfast. Flat White in Durham also serve blackberry crumble Instagram worthy pancakes which I’ve seen but not yet tried.

Get Moving

After the pancakes, you might be ready to shake things up a bit! Go out for a hike somewhere scenic or if it’s too cold, go hit the gym for an hour. It’s amazing how much more energised you can feel after actually expending a bit of energy!

What do you do to relax over the weekend? Let me know below! Bilgi x

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