Tuesday 8 November 2016

Getting Fizzy With Fentimans

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you all a fantastic collaborative post I’m doing with my friends at Fentimans, the experts behind ‘botanically brewed beverages’. Who doesn’t love a good get together with friends, making and trying out some fabulous new cocktails together, am I right?! Well, I have put my creative mixology skills to the test and created two new (inspired!) drinks recipes for you to try out before you hit the town with your #squad or one chilled evening with some friends for a bit of dinner party fun! Ever heard the saying, ‘start the way you mean to go on’? Well, if you’re looking to have a top night or a fun girls’ weekend, forget mixing your Vodka with whatever flat mixers are stashed away in the fridge, you need to think a few steps ahead and get some real quality fizzy goodness flowing! 

Fentimans’ range of botanical drinks includes some exceptionally unique and delicious tonic water and soft drink flavours including Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water, Rose Lemonade and Ginger Beer and Muddled Lime, as well as some traditional mixers like Premium Indian Tonic Water and Naturally Light Tonic Water which has 30% fewer calories, classics which will harmoniously accompany any tipple you choose (works wonders with Gin obviously!). Also, these drinks are impressively classy with an air of sophistication that really will help set the tone for your get together.

You can browse and purchase any of the Fentimans’ range from their online store by clicking here.
Signed, sealed delivered, I'm yours
When my delivery from Fentimans arrived in the post, I was amazed at how lovely it was! I have always loved a good woven hamper just because they’re so traditional and such a classy way to package something, especially a gift, as it is that extra special touch that really sets it off. Honestly, when the outside and inside is this good, you know you’ve got something seriously good quality and there’s no going back to fizzy stuff in a can! Fentimans are the Lamborghini of the mixers world!
Here are my two drinks recipes; I’ve made one alcoholic and the other a mocktail so there’s a little something for everyone. I’ve also taken the liberty to name them because I think it adds a bit of ‘character’, don’t you think?!
Feeling Fruity Pink Grapefruit Cocktail
You will need:
200ml Fentimans’ Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water, chilled
 1 shot of Vodka
1 wedge of lime
Squeeze of lime juice for added ‘zing’
White sugar for glass decoration purposes
Ice Cubes To Serve
1. Start by adding a sugar frosting to the rim of the glass (dip the edge in water and then in white sugar and voila!)
2. Now add some rocks if you like ice with your drink.
3. Next add the Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water, shot of Vodka and squeeze of lime juice into a cocktail shaker if you have one or simply carefully pour them into your glass and mix together until thoroughly combined.
4. Add a sophisticated and oh so decorative lime wedge and you are done! Make one for all your guests and get that party started! Happy sipping!
Do you prefer your drink shaken or stirred?
You’re Making Me Blush’ Rose and Mint Turkish Delight Mocktail
This is one for the non-drinkers (or those who’ve already had a few too many alcoholic bevvys and need a break!). It’s sweet, it’s delicious and it’s going to take you to a summer paradise in a faraway sunny land.
You will need:
200ml of Fentimans’ Rose Lemonade, fresh from the fridge
Sprigs of fresh mint leaves
Fresh orange zest for decoration
Cranberry juice (optional extra) – this will add a bit of an edge and fruity crispness

White sugar
Ice to serve (crushed or cubed, the choice is yours)
1. Add the sugar to the glass’ rim then proceed by adding the ice.
2. Follow this step up by pouring in the Rose Lemonade, cranberry juice (optional) and place in the fresh mint leaves. Give them a whirl around the glass so they release some of their minty goodness. I for one love fresh mint tea, which is what inspired me to add it to this mocktail recipe. I’ve always been a fan of regular mint tea, but I recently tried the fresh version at a cafe and I was converted. It’s super refreshing.
3. You can then add the orange zest for some extra ‘va-va-voom’ in a glass and you’re done!
Fentimans have been making naturally botanically brewed drinks for over 100 years to date, so they are truly experts at the flavour blending process. Each of their artisan drinks are carefully brewed for seven days using the time-honoured multi-staged botanical brewing process. Their dedication to their craft is evident in how delicious their products are. The story behind the drinks is one of humble beginnings; an iron puddler - Thomas Fentiman - from Cleckheaton England, was approached for a loan off a fellow tradesman. They struck a deal and the recipe for botanically brewed ginger bear was provided as a security net in case the loan couldn’t be repaid. When it wasn’t, Fentiman became the owner of a unique recipe which he transformed into a savvy business venture, initially selling the beer from door-to-door. Today, Fentimans drinks still remain a family business. The main difference is they deliver their drinks via motorised transport today, not horse and cart anymore!
To check out Fentimans’ range, you can visit their website and social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn). Be sure to tag @Fentimansltd in any of your cocktail creations and let me know in the comments below if you try them out too! Bilgi x

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