Monday 10 October 2016

Getting Cinema Ready with 'PROPERCORN'

It's the most iconic, traditional and basically essential cinema snack going. You've guessed it, it's popcorn. Typically, it comes in sweet or salty, or more recently there was a combined version - mind. blown. However, my latest collaboration with luxury popcorn brand 'PROPERCORN', is about to change your perspective on the humble corn kernel. They have taken things to a whole new level, introducing flavour combinations far from your standard options. Think 'Sweet Coconut & Vanilla', 'Smooth Peanut & Almond', 'Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun Dried Tomato' and 'Sour Cream & Black Pepper'. For ever the traditionalists, 'Lightly Sea Salted' and 'Sweet & Salty' also appear in their range. What's great about these are they come in handy 'grab-bags' which you can stuff in your bag as you rush out of the house and have as an on the go snack instead of crisps; they're a guilt-free lighter and healthier option. Plus, it's fun having something so novel introduced into the daily routine. I don't know about you, but it's always the little, fun things which I feel make such a big difference to my day and help to break up the rigidity of routine or the 'daily grind'. I also haven't been to the cinema for years. A quick google search has enlightened me that the last instalment of the Twilight Saga, which was the latest thing I saw on the big screen was in 2012 (eeek!) and yup, that means popcorn had almost become a distant memory. However, now armed with 24 super scrummy packets of fluffed up corn goodness, that's set to change. Anyone want to share?
The flavours are tantalisingly good and like most good things, very more-ish!
So much to choose from!


'PROPERCORN', set up by two best friends, was launched in 2011. They use the motto 'Done Properly' as the hallmark for everything they do. From crafting the perfect product, to the design of their branding and organising brand events and collaborations with artists and bloggers like myself.

You can shop PROPERCORN's range online here.
What flavour most appeals to you? When was the last time you went to the cinema? Happy snacking! Bilgi x

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