Saturday 3 September 2016

Time for Tea with 'Teapigs'

It's how I start the day, everyday, and the perfect reason to have a break from whatever I've been up to whether I'm at home or out with friends. When I was a baby, my Mum used to give me Earl Grey in a beaker and I've been a keen tea sipper ever since. As you can imagine, when luxury tea company 'Teapigs' wanted to collab with me, I was very excited! Forget your average cup of builders' brew, 'Teapigs' specialise in making bespoke and original blends which are a treat for all the senses. Think retro ice cream flavours like 'Chocolate and Mint' to aromatic herbal and fruit blends from 'Lemon and Ginger' to 'Super Fruit', these teas are different and rejuvenating, healthy and delicious. Matcha tea which has also recently taken the world by storm is also part of 'Teapigs' range and I think it's great. I most recently made what I call a Matcha-chino, a twist on the classic cappuccino, with all sorts of added benefits which I will tell you about.
Above: Matcha-chino made with 100% Organic Japanese Green Tea. Matcha powder can be blended with hot or cold water, milk or juice and has a really subtle, complimentary flavour.
Matcha tea is 10 x more powerful than a cup of regular green tea! That's a lot of #plantpower!

Full of natural green tea poylphenols, research has found that by consuming this, UV radiation induced skin damage is inhibited, meaning you will stay looking youthful for longer. It's also great for increasing your metabolism and helping your body to burn calories. Because Matcha has naturally occurring amino acid and L-theanine, this tea also can promote alpha brain waves which help with concentration and alertness (Buddhist monks also drink this to help them with Meditation don't you know?!) To add to all this good stuff, it's also renowned for releasing energy slowly for 4 - 6 hours, so it's bye bye to the afternoon energy slump!
Grown Up Selection Box: Teas of Different Origins

Check out 'Teapigs' online on their Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and website.

You can shop the Teapigs' range here.
Mood-o-Meter to help you decide what cuppa suits your current mood.
'Super Fruit' is one of my favourites as it's a sumptuous blend of caffeine free hibiscus, elderberries, blackcurrants, cranberries and blueberries. This is delicious served both hot or cold with ice cubes as a refreshing pick-me-up on a sunny day. Just cover the tea temple in just off the boil water and allow to infuse for 3 - 5 minutes depending upon how strong you like your tea to be. If you want it iced just top up with iced water and cubes after this step. This tea's such a lovely deep red colour too, so you can tell you're getting a dose of real goodness in your cup!
Drink Up: Sipping on 'Super Fruit' infusions in the garden on a Summer's evening. Buy a box of 'Super Fruit' here. (20% off + free postage for a limited time only!)
I am such a fan of mint tea so when I saw I'd got some chocolate and mint temples, I was super happy! I've never tried this particular tea / chocolate variety before, but you know when you know something's going to be good, yes well this is one of those times. With cocoa husks and real chocolate chips (yes, things have got indulgent over here!), this is a winning combo if I ever heard one.

For a spicy ginger kick and zesty lemon twist, this 'Lemon and Ginger' tea promises to sweep you away to a British summer's day. Throwback to drinking homemade lemonade and fizzy ginger beer on the terrace or overlooking the Lake District mountains after a hike. Take chilled in your flask with ice cubes for a tasty change to your regular juice.
What's your personal favourite tea? Have you tried any interesting blends whilst you've been on holiday? I'd love to know, leave me a comment or message me on any of my social media platforms (listed below). Only thing that's left to ask is who's putting the kettle on?
Bilgi x

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