Tuesday 9 August 2016

Belvoir Fruit Farms Botanicals Drinks

Hello! Today I want to share with you all a review of Belvoir Fruit Farms' new range of Botanicals drinks which I was fortunate enough to be sent to review this week. If like me on a sunny day you like a refreshing drink whilst you enjoy the lovely weather, these drinks are for you! Coming in four fabulous flavours: 'Cucumber & Mint', 'Mandarin & Hibiscus', 'Elderflower & Echinacea' and 'Lemon & Green Tea', they are the perfect accompaniment to a good book and a sun lounger this summer.

Not only are these drinks such unique flavours, they also have some interesting health and wellbeing benefits which you might not have expected, making them both delicious and nutritious! Each drink has its own special properties depending upon which natural ingredients have been used. They are also completely free from any added sugar and artificial ingredients so they really are good for you unlike the majority of soft drinks out there. They're the perfect 'grab and go' size (330ml) so are perfect to put in your bag when you're off out somewhere.

I love how these drinks are packaged. They're so pretty and the art work on the bottles is really effective. Not only this, the bottles are BPA-free, meaning they are also more healthy than the vast majority.

Botanical Benefits

Each drink has been designed to support a different aspect of daily life, depending upon how you're feeling.

Elderflower & Echinacea = Immune Support - Rosehips, raspberries, elderflower and Echinacea all go into this drink, along with an extra splash of vitamin C to promote health and ward off pesky viruses. Whenever I get a cold, I always take an Echinacea capsule to try and shake it off as fast as possible, so having it infused in this drink is like carrying cold defense in your handbag! (Anyone going to university this coming September / October, I advise you stock up now as freshers' flu is real, trust the graduate!)

Cucumber & Mint = Refresh - So you're feeling groggy, maybe you had a bit too much to drink (of the alcohol variety perhaps?). This subtle and soothing fresh cucumber and mint drink should help you get back on your feet and aid that recovery as it rehydrates and cleanses.

Mandarin & Hibiscus = Skin Support - For anyone who needs a bit of a radiance boost, this drink is infused with glow-giving ingredients which promise to enhance your skin from the inside out.  Flavonoids and antioxidants essential for a youthful appearance and anti-aging goji berry all help in this process.

Lemon & Green Tea = Natural Energy - With a zesty punch of lemon to invigorate the senses, combined with green tea, delicate jasmine and panax ginseng and guarana for that extra refreshing effect, you'll be able to power on through your day with this plant powered drink. For green tea lovers out there, this is a must try.

For full details on each drink, you can check out the Belvoir Fruit Farms' Botanicals website by clicking here.

Let me know what flavour you'd like to try most? (Personally I think they all sound amazing!) If you'd like to you can check out Belvoir Fruit Farms' main website here, as well as their Twitter and Instagram pages.

Bilgi x


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