Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Disney's 'Tangled' Inspired Nail Art

One of my favourite films is Disney's Tangled. From the adventure, romance, very long hair (which I also happen to have!) and general fabulousness, it's truly amazing. The first time I watched it was a couple of years ago on Christmas day as it was on TV, and since then I've just loved it so so much. So in homage to Disney, I have done some Tangled nail art. I've included photos of the specific polishes I also used, so you can give this look a go yourself. If you're a Disney lover, I certainly would recommend it!

To create the Disney tower turret, I used nail water transfers and for the 'floating lights', a purple sparkly polish. I specifically kept the density of glitter more towards the base of the nail to portray that cascading lantern into the night's sky effect! The finger beside my index finger got a sparkle topcoat for added shimmer.

Okay so for the exact polishes I used, I went for the lilac colour of Rapunzel's dress for my main base colour, which is here in the shade 'Berry' from Barry M. I also used a 'Pink Iridescent' glitter top coat and a clear polish to seal the water transfers.

The purple sparkly polish is from Topshop and is in the shade 'Fantasy'.

My sister bought me a Tangled juice cup from the Disney store last Christmas which I thought just had to make an appearance in this post. I love how 'matchy matchy' my nails are with it!

I love Pascal!
I hope you enjoyed scrolling through my Disney wonderland of nail art creativity just now. I love trying out new things on my nails and seeing the effect. Let me know if you've tried anything cool out lately. I can't wait to make them Halloween style but that's another post altogether!
Blog love,
Bilgi x


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