Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Body Shop | Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Butter

I have always loved The Body Shop, not only because they are kind to animals and do not test on them, use fair trade ingredients and generally encourage equality, but also because their products are always really good and smell amazing! My latest Body Shop purchase is the 'Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Butter' which truly smells good enough to eat! (Nb: even though it smells like the yummiest raspberry dessert of all time, please refrain from actually eating it!)
This body butter provides 24 hour hydration for your skin, so is perfect for dry skin in need of some smoothing relief. It is enriched with cold-pressed raspberry seed oil, harvested early to maximise and preserve their fruity freshness, which is how it smells so good and in a really natural, 'true' raspberry way, not at all artificial like lots of other products out there on the market.
It goes on really well and absorbs easily, so leaves you feeling nicely moisturised and your skin nourished. It is enriched with The Body Shop's classic Community Fair Trade shea butter too, which is why the consistency feels so decadent and buttery.

Early Harvest Raspberry Body Butter usually retails at £13.00 but is now on sale on The Body Shop's online store for £6.50. You can check it out and purchase your own lovely tub by clicking here.
Overall I really love this product because it is just all round fantastic. It's nourishing, excellent quality, smells lovely and is good to the people and animals of the planet. Win, win!
Star rating: ⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟
Let me know if you also try this body butter, or what products from The Body Shop you would recommend.
Blog love,
Bilgi x

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