Saturday 6 June 2015

And Relax... Post-exam unwind

Hello! It is now official, I have completed my second year of uni and that means NO MORE EXAMS! At least until next year anyway(!) It is good to know I now have time to spend of stuff which doesn't end with me scribbling away in an exam as I try to condense about 3000 hours of revision into 3. So this summer, I have a few things which I want to do because, for anyone else who's also at uni, the summers are very long which is great as it means you could probably learn a new language in the amount of time you get off! So, to get this summer started, I am going to aim to pack in as much as possible. Here are a few things which I would like to do:-

1) Learn to drive - I've got until October until my last year at uni starts, so that's plenty of time to learn I think, but things do often take longer than expected, but I'm going to give this my best shot.

2) Go on an impromptu trip - I want to go somewhere new, genuinely exciting and inspirational, I mean, who doesn't really? I would like to get some vitamin D too, so preferably somewhere which is warm and sunny.

3) Develop some new skills - Obviously, driving is one of them, but I am also thinking something like badminton. Also, my uni does the  UK's biggest single uni ski trip, so if I learn to ski on the dry slope near where I live, I could well be heading to the French Alps come January, which would be something completely different for me.

4) Earn some £££ - I want to get a summer job, one that really captures the essence of summer! Do you know what I mean? It'll help me fund the other three things too!

What are your summer plans, real or what you're wishing for summer to bring you? I'd love to know!



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