Thursday 17 July 2014

Flowers & Fields

Today I opted for simplicity. One because it has been super hot and two because I was going shopping and undoubtedly would be trying on an array of clothes, so didn't want to have to re-piece together a super complex/component-heavy outfit in the changing room! I love the shorts because they're that clever style where they mimic the look of a skirt, which I think is sort of genius.

On another note, today I have officially reinstated myself at the gym. Whilst I was at uni, I had massive hills to climb up everyday to get to classes and back to college. It's not that I was missing the daily treks, no no. I just thought why not get super fit for summer, plus it's something to do for an hour that's really beneficial and rewarding. Everyone needs to have some 'me time', right?

Top - Oasis
Shorts - Atmosphere
Sandals - New Look
Anklets - Accessorize


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