Friday 5 May 2023

The Perfect Summer Morning Routine 2023

A Summer's morning with the sun beaming through the windows is always wonderful and a joy to behold. It love the warmth of the sun on my face and embracing the start of the day in a mindful and holistic manner. So this is how my perfect Summer morning routine looks and what I do to ensure it's a perfect self-loving start to the day.

The most balanced of mornings must involve some form of movement and exercise for me. Yoga in the sunny spot in the living room (or on the grass in the garden when it's hot enough) is lovely, as is a brisk walk. Dancing is also something I love in the morning. Pop on your absolute favourite song / songs and get twirling!

A good wholesome healthy breakfast is a must. It makes me ready for the day ahead. A nutritious cereal with fruits and nuts or pancakes are my faves.

A shower with my favourite body care products and a full skincare routine including SPF are essential. I'm currently loving this Elemis body lotion and the in-shower body oil from Evolve Beauty, made from repurposed raspberry seeds is a total dream. Honestly so edible in aroma. I also love alternating the Palmers Coconut Hydrate Daily Body Lotion as it's got a gorgeous coconutty aroma that is really complimentary on the skin. 

I'll also do some haircare steps with oils and leave in conditioners which nourish and re-bond the hair, in order to care for my blonde highlights. Some of my favourites include the Olaplex range and also jojoba oil with some added lavender essential oil is dreamy. The MilkShake Haircare purple conditioner is also a current haircare must and has a lovely blueberry fragrance.

Weleda does a fab Skin Food lip balm which does wonders for your pout, leaving lips soft and smooth. It's a daily must-have for me and a beauty essential that I really recommend as it's all natural and really effective. 

I film Morning Routines For Instagram and YouTube shorts. Watch one of my Morning Routine YouTube shorts here:

Enrich Your Mind
Reading even just a couple of pages from a book each morning I find is really grounding and a mind-enriching start to the day. A self-help book or a book about something that you find interesting or helpful is best. I love the book 'Self-Care For The Real World' as it's full of great ideas about how to incorporate self-care into your daily life, whether that's through mindfulness, healthy meals or reflection and holistic practices. What's also good about this kind of book is that you can pick it up and read it from any point and it'll make sense so there's no need to feel obligated to go sequentially.

Whether at home or heading out, a outfit that makes me feel happy and look put together and which is suitable for the day is of paramount importance. You can shop my tie dye loungewear favourites on my shop Cloud Tie Dye Co, where there are lots of gorgeous new hand-dyed pieces dropping this Summer ahead of festival season!

What do you think of my perfect Summer morning routine? Love, Bilgi  x

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