Friday 5 May 2023

Kos Island, Greece: 2023 Travel Guide

With summer just around the corner and the anticipation of a multitude of jet-setting opportunities outstretched ahead, today I'm sharing my guide / photo diary of Kos Island, Greece from my latest travels. Sunny and idyllic for the entire summer season up until late September, it's a hidden Mediterranean gem and offers everything from historic culture, a lively yet calming night scene and lots of authentic family owned restaurants.

Out of all the places I have been up until this point, I can say that it offered the best blend of everything. The town is large so it's ideal for spending the whole night exploring and admiring the local craft and boutique shops. It's very much similar to its neighbors Santorini and Mykonos, and since we had our Mum / daughter trip in September it was quieter and really relaxing.

The first day we were in Kos we dedicated some time to just exploring what the town has to offer and of course getting as much vitamin D as possible by the pool!

- Pool and palm views from our hotel room -

Along Kos harbor are lots of yachts and boats you can arrange to go on for an excursion

My kind of boat

- On the beach just after sunset -

There are lots of really nice restaurants in Kos. We found that the best ones were definitely the family run ones as they were really authentic and the ambiance was really wholesome. Our favourite restaurant was called 'Mama's Kitchen' which I'd highly recommend going to if you visit Kos. The did a really good vegetarian pizza and of course their traditional Greek salads and chips were amazing too.

There are lots of really authentic 'brochure' style buildings all over the island and it really is as lovely as the shots you see on the travel sites.

Kos or LA?

- Some of the authentic desserts in the local bakery -

Obligatory gelato stop on one of our evenings

There are also ancient ruins in Kos which are open to the public to see during the day. They are only a stones throw from the town center to its really easy to have a little meander through at your leisure. Hippocrates tree is also very close by near Neratzia castle. This tree is where Hippocrates who is considered the father of medicine taught his students the art of medicine.

I hope you enjoyed this 2023 travel guide and photo diary of Kos. If you're heading to Kos or any other Greek island, I hope you have an amazing time and I can guarantee you'll be in a beautiful and culturally enriching place. Love, Bilgi  x

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