Tuesday 18 August 2020

Summertime Tea Delights with Rare Tea Co.

Tea is one of my favourite things and I can honestly say, a day without tea is a day incomplete. In fact, I can't even remember the last day I had that didn't involve tea. There's something inexplicably comforting and heart-warming about that deep golden liquid and something incredibly reassuring about the whole ritual and craft of making the perfect cuppa (Bonus points if it's served up in your favourite mug too!). Today's blog feature is written in collaboration with the wonderful company Rare Tea Co. Ltd and I'm going to be showing you how to hold a cute afternoon tea experience from the comfort of your own home.

Rare Tea Co are the creators of the finest loose leaf tea and herbal infusions, as well as all the tea making essentials that any true tea lover will squeal with delight if they received (and I'm saying that from experience because I did!). So if you love your unique tea blends and infusions, read on as I'm going to introduce you to some of your shiny new favourites! So go and grab yourself a cup of tea (naturally it's a must when embarking upon some reading, wouldn't you agree?!) and snuggle down, as this post is going to give you all those dreamy tea feels and inspo for you next brew. *Online baskets at the ready!*

A Bit About Rare Tea Co.
Rare Tea Co. was established in 2004 and they are an independent tea company based in London. Established by Henrietta Lovell (also known as the 'Tea Lady'), the aim was to source the world's best tea directly from the farmers who grown it. This is a goal which has well and truly been achieved above and beyond, and today, Rare Tea Co. not only have a large and devoted customer base, they also supply some of the most highly esteemed establishments in the country and indeed, the world, with their bespoke, speciality tea and herbal infusions, including Claridges and Noma to name but two.

Rare Tea Company is a brand with a heart, as their tea aims to both benefit the people who buy and enjoy it, as well as the framers who grow the tea in their tea gardens. 

Our ambition is to re-define what good tea means. It must meet three criteria:

First: It has to taste good. Well, better than good. It has to taste amazing.

Second: It has to be good for you. No pesticides, herbicides, additives, or bags with bleaches, glues and microplastics. 

Third: It has to be good for the people who make it. We pay the best prices for the best tea so that the communities we work with might thrive.

Rare Tea Co. has made global connections and helps to ensure that the farmers profit from their goods, not a middle man. They also believe that tea is an art and they therefore seek out tea that is of the highest possible calibre, with exquisite flavour notes. They go for the best, not the cheapest.

You can sign up to a monthly tea subscription with Rare Tea Co. which I think is the most joyful thing! For a tea lover, this would be a truly thoughtful and wholesome gift. Check it out here.

The Perfect Cup of tea with Rare Tea Co.
I was kindly sent two of Rare Tea Co's delightful loose leaf blends. They are their Single Estate Black Tea ~ Lost Malawi Pure Loose Leaf, as well as their Green Tea and Mint infusion. Both incredible and for a tea conisuerre, the ultimate dream. Of course, with their infusions being loose leaf so that you can fully appreciate the true quality of the leaf, you'll need some tea accessories. Rare Tea Co. also sell tea strainers as well as the most adorable single cup glass tea pots! When these arrived in the post, I cannot even put into words how thrilled I was. Just look at how utterly adorable it is! You can check out this loose leaf tea starter kit here for the strainer, English Breakfast Tea and adorable tea pot.

English Breakfast tea is a staple in any tea lover's tea cupboard and the Rare Tea Co. variety will take your beverage to dizzy new heights of taste sensation! (You can use this tea twice when you brew it too. Infact, some consider it to be an ever better flavour when the second pot is made!). Made from single estate loose leaf (meaning it isn't a mixture of black tea blended from lots of different regions, this results in a pure, clear flavour.) it is a rich, single-origin tea directly traded with the Satemwa Eastate on Thyolo Mountain. It is lovingly crafted on a small and independent tea farm and truly, it is the antithesis of industrially processed blends. The best serve? Well, it's perfect both with or without milk. The dream tea! 

Green Tea and Mint
This delicate infusion is a pan fired green tea which is then combined with an uplifting blend of spearmint which is specifically sourced from their holders in Malawi. It's a deliciously smooth, gently-uplifting tea that feels and tastes clean. What I also love about this loose leaf infusion is that you can infuse it at least twice, and with each time, different subtleties in this tea's flavour chart will be gradually unveiled! You can read more about this remarkable tea here.

~ The cutest little tea pot I ever did see. ~

You can also get 10% off your first order when you sign up to their newsletter! Sign up here.

So there you have my afternoon tea feature with Rare Tea Co. What do you think of the sound of their loose leaf blends? Will you be treating yourself to some of their incredible speciality blends this summer. Afternoon tea at home awaits! Cheers to the perfect cup of tea! Love, Bilgi  x

This blog feature is written in collaboration with Rare Tea Co. and contains kindly gifted PR samples. All views remain honest and my own.

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