Tuesday 28 July 2020

Quintessentially Summer Drinks with Shakespeare Distillery

Hello my lovelies and a very warm welcome to a truly summer themed drinks blog feature, in collaboration with the ever so artisan Shakespeare Distillery. If you have been a reader of Coconut Couture for a while now, then you'll no doubt have seen across my blog lots of drinks features hat are fit for every possible occasion and with a summer staycation at home on the cards for so many of us this year, I have mixed up a fruity tipple that's a perfect serve for days catching the rays in the garden. Read on for more!...

A Bit About Shakespeare Distillery
Now located in north western Stratford-Upon-Avon upon the Drayton Manor Farm estate, Shakespeare Distillery was established in 2015 and they are the creators of a wonderful selection of highly artisan gins, all made with a twist of history. Style and substance well and truly! Each and every part of the distillation process is handled and controlled in-house by Shakespeare Distillery, which shows just how dedicated and passionate about their craft that they truly are. This also helps to ensure that quality control is maintained at an incredibly high level, as they oversee each and every part of the process, right down to the bottling. Their spirits are made by hand and in small batches, so you can be assured that true care and attention is at the heart of everything they do.

Over the last few months, they have also been super busy making hand sanitizers which is truly remarkable! A incredibly helpful and lifesaving endeavour. 

Be Part Of The Process
You can even attend their gin school and make your own gin in a copper still. How amazing is that?! You can read more about this on the Shakespeare Distillery website here. Their distillery tours are also a fantastic way in which you can get a more immersive feel for the whole distillation process. You can book in to a tour here. 

Sip and Savour a Slice of Literary History
All the Gin! A Flavour For Every Occasion
With so much literary history steeped into what Shakespeare Distillery do, it'll come as no surprise that each of their gin's flavours have been specifically chosen with meaning in mind. Let me tell you about some of their incredible flavours and why they have been selected!...

Rhubarb Gin
This is the flavour that I have used to mix up the ultimate summer garden tipple! Fresh, fruity and utterly delectable, it's also a beautiful pale pink shade that makes it a remarkably beautiful drink and would be an asset to any gin lover's drinks cabinet. You can shop it here.

Elderflower and Quince Gin
This is a blend of the distillery's own Stratford Dry Gin and the quintessential British flavours of Elderflower and noble quince. This was the most highly prized fruit of the Tudor age. The subtle apple notes from the quince mix beautifully with the delicate elderflower flavour to create a gin which is deliciously fruity and full strength. You can check it out online here.

Blackberry Gin Liqueur 
This spirit is limited edition and the blackberries which are actually used to make up the gin are foraged by the distillery team. These foraged fruits are then steeped in Shakespeare Distillery's Stratford Dry Gin to deliciously infuse. You can shop it here.

Stratford Dry Gin
Their Stratford Dry Gin is truly innovative and unique. It is an award winning gin and is inspired by the Tudor garden. The gin reflects this throughout its flavour notes of herbs and flowers which would have been traditionally found within gardens of the Tudor period. These are combined with Mediterranean citrus and bold juniper berries for a well balanced and flavourful gin. It is distilled in the traditional London Dry gin method, with fragrant botanicals including rose, lemon balm, English lovage and rosemary. The results are incredible and with its herbal sweetness, it can be used as a base for a whole variety of different cocktails. Shop it here.

Mulberry Gin Liqueur 
This truly remarkable gin liqueur is made by steeping mulberries in their Stratford Dry Gin for several months until the fruity flavours are well and truly combined within the spirit, resulting in s fresh and slightly sweet liqueur with a rich, deep, colour. It is a perfect addition to prosecco when making a gin fizz and makes an excellent gin and tonic with a twist, with lemon and tonic added. You can shop the Mulberry Gin Liqueur on Shakespeare Distillery's site here.


Quintessentially Summer Drinks with Shakespeare Distillery
So if you fancy mixing up a truly fruity summer tipple, I have the perfect drinks recipe for you. I love crisp, fresh and zesty drinks with a hint of sweetness and this tipple really is each and every one of these things! Read on for more...

You'll Need
1 x Gin Glass

1 x shot of Shakespeare Distillery Rhubarb Gin
2 fresh strawberries
A few slices of lime
A few slices of lemon
Ice (I've used heart shaped ice!)
Cranberry juice as the mixer
White sugar crystals to adorn the edge of the glass

How To Mix
1. Start by adding sugar to the edge of the glass. This looks great and adds sweetness too.

2. Now add a strawberry to the glass' edge and also add the ice, citrus fruit slices and a sliced strawberry into the glass.

3. Go ahead and add a shot of the Rhubarb gin!

4. Now top up generously with cranberry juice.

5. Serve up immediately and enjoy!

You can connect with Shakespeare Distillery via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram here

So there you have my quintessential summer drink made with Shakespeare Distillery's Rhubarb gin. Have you tried any of their hand made artisan spirits before or are you going to try one out this summer? Be sure to let me know and tag me on Instagram in any of your cocktail creations! Cheers! Love, Bilgi   x

This blog post is written in collaboration with Shakespeare Distillery and contains PR samples. All views are honest and my own.

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