Tuesday 26 November 2019

Creating Homely Festive Ambiance with Kenneth Turner London

Feeling festive is one of the most wonderful, joyful and nostalgic things.  Days spent baking in the kitchen (that's actually still the reality of some of my weekends!), going on snowy walks, visiting relatives and watching the snow fall on an evening when you were least expecting it, these are some of the most wonderful Christmas time memories I can think of. Scent is intrinsically linked to memory, in fact it's the sense most closely associated with it, and can evoke wonderful thoughts of Christmases gone by. The beautiful seasonal collection which Kenneth Turner have brought out has the power to do just that very thing! Over on Kenneth Turner's Christmas Shop are a vast variety of beautiful home fragrance pieces from candles, bespoke room sprays and even festive hand wash and lotion that you can add to your home or buy for a loved one to lift the Christmas spirit and make your home feel magical!

I was kindly sent the Winter Wishes Hand Wash and Lotion, Winter Berries Room Spray and Winter Berries Candle in Posy Vase and just wow! They are honestly so aesthetically gorgeous and have the most authentic, luxurious and homely Christmas aroma too. They're a real Christmas delight and total positive ambiance setter. If you love Christmas as much as me (which is a lot!) then you need to check out Kenneth Turner's website and shop this collection because it's going to transform your December! 

Their Winter Berries scented room cologne is a true Christmas scent. It is a rare vintage scent (something I love as that makes me think of the 1940s and 50s which are times I always love to read about). The cologne is a delicate and well balanced mixture of satsuma, red berries and cinnamon which are harmoniously complimented with the fragrance notes of iris flower and sweet, sumptuous vanilla. Think of a inviting home, well decorated for the season, with a blazing log fire, table filled with all kinds of festive food delights, and the intoxicatingly romantic scent of mulled wine and berries and this is the fragrance you would expect to find in such an idyllic setting! Perfect for liberally spritzing before guests arrive so that your home is truly inviting, or indeed any time you want to amp up the Christmas feeling, it's the perfect way to do that super quickly and easily!

Their festive room spray is part of the Kenneth Turner Floral Couture collection. The artist behind Floral Couture is Kenneth Turner, master florist, whose innovative creations embrace flowers and fruits, woods and foliage. A scented picture, by a true floral artist.

Also from the Floral Couture collection and in the same delightful festive fragrance, Kenneth Turner's Winter Berries Posy Vase candle has an incredible 50 hour burn time and after the candle has been used, you will have a beautiful deep red vase which is perfect for holding things from flowers, tea lights or anything else which you may have on your dressing table. The vase is honestly so beautiful, I love it's decorative shape and the colour will be set off so nicely by the warm and comforting flickering light of the candle. If you are looking to add an element of serenity as well as festivity to your home, this is such a perfect way of doing it! It would be perfect in a hallway so that the aroma transcends effortlessly all through your home and it would also work great in a living room or bedroom too. (My room is a candle haven!).

I'm super into my skincare and love to try new products. I always like to vary the scents which I use depending upon lots of things like my mood, the season and what is current too. Kenneth Turner although famous for their wonderful home fragrance collections of candles and room sprays, as well as reed diffusers, also have a truly indulgent collection of hand washes and lotions too!

Scented with exotic and totally unique Blue Tangerine, their Winter Wishes Hand Wash and Lotion duo, complete with cute red festive bows for added Christmas effect, are a Christmassy twist on a classic fragrance. Maintaining it's sumptuous, fresh aroma yet delicately entwined with relaxing lavender (one of my favourite essential oils), violet and patchouli, as well as zesty mandarin, mint oil and camphor (this is the oil released by the wood of the camphor tree and is especially good for soothing) it is a true festive treat. 

Not only do they smell fabulous, they also look the picture of Christmas and as a duo would be the most splendid gift for those who like their home to be matching and seasonal simultaneously! The bathroom tends to be a room somewhat neglected when it comes to Christmas decorating, but these will transform it with a touch of festive cheer!

Shop the Winter Wishes Hand Wash and Lotion gift set here on Kenneth Turner's website  

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So there you have my home fragrance and ambiance feature on the wonderful Kenneth Turner! A truly remarkable brand who know how to perfectly balance fragrance and essential oils to create the most encapsulating, mesmerising and honestly delightful candles and room sprays as well as hand washes and lotions! If you're looking for Christmas gifts for your loved ones, be sure to check out their website here as they have such a wide variety of amazing products which anyone would be so lucky to receive this festive season. What do you think of these different Christmassy products I have been talking about? I'm so excited to use them in my home this Christmas! Which would you pick to add some festive cheer to your home this December? Be sure to let me know! Wishing you all a very merry Christmas! Festive love, Bilgi    x

This post contains PR samples from Kenneth Turner. All opinions remain honest and my own.

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