Monday 19 August 2019

Mid-Summer Candle Inspiration with Kenneth Turner London

As the summer months roll onwards, like me, you may have been thinking of different ways to add a bit of summer ambiance to your home before we transition into the golden season of Autumn. Today, I'm bringing you a feature in collaboration with Kenneth Turner, a bespoke candle company who know how to not only create delightful candles with natural aromas, but also create candle designs that add a luxurious decorative element to any room, for true class and sophistication. Read on for home décor inspo...

I adore floral aromas that are natural and evocative of time spent in a summer's garden in full bloom. The White Flowers and Lavender Garden candles are tumbler candles that work beautifully in a bedroom or a living room. I always like to 'mood match' my candles and the oh so calming nature of lavender and the sweet, fresh scent of White Flowers makes them both perfect for relaxation and 'me' time.
Tip: A candle lit bath is the ultimate 'hygge' treat and does wonders to restore harmony and balance after a busy day or week. (You have to set aside some time for yourself and refocus your energy to where it needs to be.)


White Flowers: A soft feminine fragrance inspired by the glorious scents of lily, rose, and jasmine. Middle notes of powdery violet and cyclamen with base notes of earthy patchouli and musks.

Shop the White Flowers and Lavender Garden candles on Kenneth Turner's website
When you put a candle out, you should never blow on it in case the hot wax splashes back so the beautiful petal candle snuffer from their Floral Couture collection that I was sent is not only so decorative, it's an essential for candle maintenance and safety. (Plus I just love stuff like this, it's so beautiful, ornate and makes me feel like I'm back in the Victorian times.)
It's shaped like a flower so actually matches the fragrances perfectly too! (Ah I love it when things are so cohesive!) It is also beautifully engraved with 'KT' for Kenneth Turner so it is a beautiful collectable item too. If you have a candle lover you're looking to buy a unique gift for, this could well be the very thing that they would love! 

If you also adore a traditional candle that looks stylish and sleek but also classic and sophisticated, let me introduce you to the Midsummer Night Candle in a Posy Vase. Not only is the clear glass a fabulous way of helping to transmit a pure warm light when your candle burns, the engraved leaf motif around the glass' stem is a beautiful touch. You can also reuse your vase after your candle is finished to hold all kinds of things, from fairy lights, cotton wool to jewellery.

This candle is utterly dreamy in its aroma too. A heady fusion of honeysuckle, jasmine and tuberose with notes of moss and oak make it evocative of a fairytale-like walk in an enchanted woodland garden. What's not to love!?
What do you think of these beautiful candles from Kenneth Turner? Which scent did you personally most love the sound of? Let me know!  Bilgi   x
This post contains PR samples. All views remain honest and my own.

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