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Organic Summer Beauty Essentials from Bloom Avenue

Don't you just love finding a new favourite skincare product, or an amazing hair treatment that transforms your locks into a radiant, shiny, volumised wonder!? Of course you do! Sometimes finding lots of different favourite products can mean scouring the shops and internet too, and buying each individual product from a different place. So time consuming! If you prefer a one-stop beauty haul, then look no further than this very post, which is going you deliver you exactly that!

 A Bit About Bloom Avenue...

Bloom Avenue is a carefully curated organic beauty and skincare website which has such a wonderful variety of products, you will feel spoilt for choice! I personally love to try out different skincare and hair care that aren't necessarily the mainstream products which you would typically find in the shops on the high-street. Instead, I prefer natural beauty products which care for the environment, care for the skin and ultimately only include high quality natural ingredients which are sourced responsibly and are full of skin boosting goodness, as these deliver the best results for me. No hidden chemicals which are infamous for drying out the skin or harsh compounds in sight!

Bloom Avenue was created as the founder Paula Ferrai wanted to do something truly good for the world and the people in it. To this day Bloom Avenue helps people on a daily basis to make well informed skincare choices through their Skin Assessment which you can take here. This free assessment then helps to guide you towards the kinds of skincare products which are most likely to compliment your skin type. This all ties in with the name Bloom Avenue. The business was named this as it reflects the fact that we all have beauty inside us, but sometimes it just requires a little nudge (or guidance through the skincare assessment) to help it fully bloom and reach its full potential. 

"I wanted to focus my energy on something close to my heart that is representative of my values. All in the hope that I could spread some goodness around me. I really wanted to do something positive for people and the world as a whole." - Paula Ferrai 
I was lucky enough to be sent a wonderfully gift wrapped selection of different skincare and hair care products from Bloom Avenue and I'm going to tell you a bit about each as I know there'll be lots of you who are wanting to either devise a brand new skincare routine or add in some new skin treats to your existing one. I always find that my skincare requirements do alter slightly when the season changes over. Now that we are into the warmer summer months, I find that my skin still needs to be deeply nourished with creams and lotions which lock in moisture, however it can also requie more frequent scrubs and masks as the use of SPF can mean it needs to be cleaned more thoroughly to remove the excess product. After I have done a face scrub (usually something I go in with twice per week), I always ensure that I tone my skin and then follow this straight up with eye cream or gel and face moisturiser. Bloom Avenue sell Supermood which is a natural skincare brand, and in my parcel, I received the Beauty Sleep Youth Restoring Eye Serum (perfect for use both morning and night but if you only use eye creams once a day, then before bed is ideal!), Egoboost One Minute Face Lift Serum and the Youth Glo Radiance Oil too.  They are also a perfect travel size so they will be coming with me this summer on my travels!

The Beauty Sleep Youth Restoring Eye Serum is packed with sea fennel and the plant's stem cells which helps to improve the look and feel of the eye area and leave it feeling renewed. 2 - 3 drops work perfectly for this.

The Egoboost One Minute Face Lift Serum is packed with natural Chaga mushroom. It's a facelift in a tube as the natural extracts have an instantly tightening effect which makes the skin look more even in texture and super smooth. The Youth Glo Radiance Oil is a rejuvenating and nourishing facial oil so it's ideal for anyone who has super thirsty and dry skin. If your skin is more on the oily side and doesn't break out you can use this sparingly at night or if you don't use oils on your face, it works amazing on the neck to hydrate it. It has rose hip and lingonberry seed oil in it which has a beautiful aroma too. It feels like an instant spa treatment when you use a combination of these products and my skin has been loving how nourishing they are. 
One of the products which I was the most excited to try was a Madara organic skincare SOS Hydra Recharge Cream which is for dehydrated and stressed skin. Suitable for all skin types, I was intrigued to try this out, as I am always looking for moisturisers which are the right level of hydrating but not too heavy on the skin. Well, I have officially found one here! Madara is stocked on Bloom Avenue and you can buy this cream here.
"Intense moisture-locking cream infused with age-defying antioxidants of Northern peony, linseed and hyaluronic acid. Hydrates, replenishes and calms dehydrated and stressed skin to restore youthful radiance. Acts as a protective layer against environmental damage, this soft textured cream reduces the look of fine lines, and promotes optimal hydration. Certified ECOCERT. Natural & Organic. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Gluten Free. Nut Free." - Madara SOS HYDRA Recharge cream – 50 ml - 39.60

 So now onto some very artisan looking skincare that is from Skin and Tonic. Packaged splendidly in traditional looking brown glass apothecary jars with a modern twist, they are doing their bit to reduce their plastic usage. I received the full sized Skin and Tonic Coco Mask and Skin and Tonic Gentle Scrub, both of which are ideal for normal skin types and they are also both currently on offer on the Bloom Avenue website so if you fancy treating yourself, now is a great time to do so!
The Coco Mask is super soothing yet is able to gently detoxify the skin too. It also moisturises dry and dehydrated skin as the creamy Coconut Milk Powder (rich in lauric acid and vitamins B, C and E) aids skin re-hydration. Along with cooling Aloe Vera and Kaolin Clay, it will leave your skin feeling plump and dewy. This is exactly what I want when it's summer and I will be having 'no make-up days' during the day on holiday for example.
The Skin and Tonic Gentle Scrub is gentle enough to be used as a daily exfoliator. This Oat, Rosehip and French Pink Clay face scrub is gently detoxifying and it’ll leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. To use it, you simply add 1/2 tsp of powder to warm water to make a liquid paste. You then massage the mixture onto your face when it's damp, using gentle, circular movements. Remove with water and a cotton cloth. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can also add a tsp of honey (known to be an effective antiseptic) or yogurt into the liquid paste to create a hydrating face mask. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

What's great about Bloom Avenue is that they also include some wonderful sample sized products in with your order so if you want to try out some products prior to purchasing a full sized one, that's totally fine! I received a sample sized Skin and Tonic Naked Beauty Oil, Brit Beauty Oil and Calm Clean balm too, along with some Madara sample sachets of some of the brand's best loved moisturisers including their Total Renewal Night Cream, Cellular Repair Serum, SOS Hydra Repair Intensive Serum and Smart Antioxidants Cream. They're ideal for taking for a weekend away when you're just taking hand luggage (capsule beauty bag perfection!).
You can also get free shipping on orders above 70€ - yay!

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If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll probably have seen my insta stories about Bloom Avenue last week. (If you don't yet, what are you waiting for, go go go!) I talked about how I really love both natural hair care as well as skincare. Bloom Avenue's website is so easy to navigate so if you're currently on the look out for some splendid new products to see your hair looking lusterous through the summer then be sure to have a browse of the hair care products which they stock online here. In my ultimate summer bundle, I received some Less Is More hair essentials. I hadn't actually heard about this brand before, but now I've tried them, they are a firm favourite of mine! Firstly, they smell AMAZING! I've been trying out the Elderflower Salt Spray which is perfect for that beach babe look over the summer months (a personal favourite look of mine) and the Chitinspray which I have got to say sounds incredible! This little hair care wonder is a blow-dry lotion for natural volume, lightweight hold and shimmering shine. Tick, tick, tick! If that wasn't enough from your hair care, then the fact it is both mood brightening and uplifting due to the 100% natural essences of rose, orange blossom and Sicilian Bergamot should prove it well and truly!


Shop the Less Is More Chitinspray (50ml - 10.20) and the Elderflower Salt Spray (150ml - 28.20) online on Bloom Avenue
Last but by no means least, I got a lovely Bodhi and Birch travel-friendly sized Rosemary Chi Body Moisturiser which is meant to revive your spirits. Another holiday essential sorted!

So if you are looking for some wonderful new, organic and all-natural hair and skincare this summer, I'd definitely recommend having a browse on Bloom Avenue. Their selection of products is so vast yet specialist and chosen with care to honestly deliver you the best results which can be achieved. Which products from this lovely bundle do you most love the sound of? Let me know! Bilgi    x
This post is sponsored by Bloom Avenue. All views remain honest and my own.

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