Wednesday 1 May 2019

Tropical Twist Cocktail ft. Poetic License Distillery

Another day, another cocktail creation feature for you! Today, I am sharing a fabulous Tropical Twist cocktail which I have shaken up using Poetic License Distillery's Tropical Gin with Exotic Fruits. You may have previously read my other post in collaboration with Poetic License Distillery where I mixed up a different and delightful cocktail, using their artisan products. If you haven't yet read it, it is linked below:-

On this occasion, I was also sent over their Pink Grapefruit and Tonka Bean gin from The Rarities range (these products get snapped up quick as only a limited number of each are made). This absolute delight has an incredible variety of flavour notes as described:-
"Nose mingles the freshness of pink grapefruit peel,
the nuttiness and woodiness of Tonka beans & a
hint of pine. On the palette, there is an immediate
vanilla sweetness giving way to fresh, sharp citrus. A
warming juniper backbone follows, with a slight spice
leading into a gourmand, creamy cherry-like wood
finish from the Tonka bean."
I feel like most of us would typically associate tropical flavours and exotic fruits with the summer, holidays in sunny lands and that irresistible "summer glow" feeling. Do you know what I mean? There aren't that many artisan and sophisticated tropical spirits out there so this was a complete delight to create and I hope that you can take some inspiration and create your own Tropical Twist cocktail!
This gin will transport you to Latin American fiestas
whatever the weather. It takes the classic gin flavours
of juniper, coriander and citrus and blends them
perfectly with mango, soursop, coconut and grapefruit
to create a gin drinkers’ gin with truly original tropical

This is the drink I've used to mix up this wonderful cocktail and the recipe is as follows:-
330ml of Elderflower Spritz
A few slices of orange
A few sprigs of mint
A few slices of fresh zesty lime
plenty of ice

1. Add the ice and mint and fruit to the glass. Add the 2 shots of gin.

2. Add the Elderflower spritz and stir to combine the ingredients. Garnish the glass with a slice of orange.

3. And your masterpiece is ready to serve! Give this one to your loved one and now go make yourself one too!

Bubbling to the left, bubbling to the right...

What do you think of this tropical fruity tipple? Can you image sipping this whilst sat on a sunny beach somewhere? Bilgi   x
This blog post is written in collaboration with Poetic License Distillery and contains PR samples. All views remain honest and my own.

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