Saturday 18 February 2017

Essentially Classic


Today I want to share with you all a post about how I feel fashion has changed over the decades in its most basic form - what I mean is that fashion that we see today has become so disposable and it also seems to be constantly changing. I can't even walk into a shop without noticing that there's a new collection or new range which has popped up out of the blue over the past couple of days. If you were to try and keep up with ALL of the fashions ALL of the time, I think it's fair to say that most people would be well and truly out of pocket. I love seeing what's happening in the 'fashion forecast' and I do like to indulge in pieces which I know I'm to find intrinsically interchangeable with other pieces in my wardrobe. It's so much better having clothes which work with lots of outfit combos. In the past, I think people would invest on something on a one off occasion, and then learn how to rework its style. If it got a hole in it, they'd 'make do and mend', which is not only creative but incredibly eco-friendly.
With most mainstream things, including fashion, there's often a sub-cultural current of rebellion against it. Fashion wise as of late, that's got to be the resurgence of vintage, especially of the denim variety, with customised denim and even leather jackets becoming popular favourites among hipsters and bespoke brands alike; Liberty of London has currently got a collection of hand painted vintage leather jackets in stock at the moment and the prevalence of such pieces is becoming noticeably more popular on the street and blogger-sphere alike. 

There are some outfits and colours which never seem to go out of style. They're timeless and have a class to them which throwaway fashion just doesn't seem to be able to attain. Think of the LBD or your favourite black skinny jeans and you know what I'm talking about - I think black looks good almost always, and although I do like to wear colour, today's post is dedicated one of my quintessentially classic noir outfits that I can choose to wear to almost any occasion, anywhere, from city hopping to a concert, the transitional possibilities of this outfit are endless.

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Jeans: 'Joni' at Topshop
Black ankle boots: River Island
Haircare: John Frieda

Do you have a 'go-to' outfit that works for any occasion? What pieces make it up? Let me know in the comments below. Bilgi x

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