Sunday 19 February 2017

Clinique Chubby Stick Collection

Today I want to share a post about not only my favourite skincare brand, which I have used since I was ten years old and first introduced to by my Mum, but also my all time favourite make-up brand, Clinique. It's where my foundation, lip-gloss, liner, mascara, moisturiser, everything is from! There are so many reasons why I love their products; they're dermatologically tested, meaning that they are kind to sensitive skin and help heal any imperfections, not exacerbate them like many other brand's products can, the products look and feel good when they are applied and they have such an extensive skincare and makeup range that there's always a fun new product which you can add into your routine to shake things up a bit and keep it fresh and interesting. I've also written a previous post about my Clinique skincare routine and their products which I use and love, which you can view. Clinique also does a skincare range for men. Guys, you can check out the #BehindTheFace campaign! So, it's definitely fair to say I'm a Clinique advocate, so today I'm going to be specifically focusing upon their Chubby Stick™ collection for face, eyes and lips. Clinique has just collaborated with Crayola on a brand new range too, which looks amazing and oh-so fun! You can share your own Chubby Stick looks online on Instagram and Twitter with #ChubbyDoodle!

So Chubby Stick is a fantastically versatile way to wear your lip shade because the pigments in the stick can be gradually built depending upon the colour intensity which you are trying to achieve. The sheer balm finish also means that it can look really delicate and subtle, which is ideal for work or if you're on the commute and don't have access to a mirror. They're also super nourishing for your lips and feel hydrating without being sticky like some glosses can (nobody likes getting their hair caught in their gloss, am I right ladies?) They also keep your lips 'plumptious' and don't dry them out. The shades which I own are '14 Curvy Candy' which is a luscious pink shade and '01 Poppin' Poppy' which has a beautiful peachy hue to it - these are the kind of colours I would wear when flitting around London for meetings, going out for tea or shopping, so basically anytime! They're so wearable and handy to just have in your handbag. I always try to make sure I have a lip balm with me when I'm out, as it's something that definitely should be applied throughout the day. I also have a Chubby Stick Intense balm in the colour '03 Mightiest Maraschino' which is a deep and 1950s glamorous red tone. This is the kind of colour I can imagine Hollywood icons would have worn for that timelessly classic look.
I've also decided to feature one of my favourite long last glosswear lip-glosses from their range because it's gorgeous and well worth a mention. My long last glosswear is in the shade '26 Woo Me' and it is one of my favourites. It's smooth and has a high shine to it, and it keeps my lips plumped up once it is applied. I like to firstly line my lips with my pink Clinique lip liner in the shade '10 Intense Hibiscus', as this accentuates the lip edges and intensifies the impact which the gloss actually has.

I also have a Chubby Stick shadow tint for eyes in '01 Bountiful Beige' which has an irresistible shimmer to it and looks gorgeous when the light touches it. The current 'strobing' make-up technique that's all the rage goes hand in hand with this - it is perfect to highlight the edges of the brow bone, as well as to highlight the upper area of the cheek bones and anywhere where the light falls on your face - versatile products are just the best. No make up look is complete without a bit of cheek colour, and there's a Chubby Stick for that too! I have the shade '01 Amp'd up Apple'. 
Shop the Clinique Chubby Stick™ collection here.
What's your go-to skincare and makeup brand? Have you tried any Clinique products? If not, then I would definitely recommend that you do! Bilgi x

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