Saturday 27 October 2018

Fentimans Zesty Ginger Beer & Apple Bobbing Halloween Cocktail

Today I am sharing with you a fabulously seasonal cocktail recipe which I have created to celebrate Halloween. With Halloween parties and spooky get togethers happening this weekend and next week, it's always good to have some inspiration. So I am kicking things off with my Zesty Ginger Beer and Apple Bobbing Halloween Cocktail which is made with Fentimans' Botanically Brewed Ginger Beer. It's warming, it's full of fizzy goodness and with the zingy twists I've added, it's the ultimate drink to serve up to guests when they arrive at a party or if a Halloween night in with scary films and treats is more your thing, this is the perfect serve for such an occasion too!

I've rustled up lots of fabulous drinks with Fentimans before and all of these cocktail and mocktail recipes can be viewed below too:-
Fentimans' Ginger Beer is a pale and naturally cloudy drink which has a fresh and characteristically warming ginger aroma, with a light citrus top note. It is a complex, spicy and bold flavour with aromatic herbal infusions, balanced by the sweetness of a hint of sweet yet delicate pear. The finish is a riot of taste, packing a punch from the first sip to the very last! For a mixer that is unique in every way, this is the fizz you need!
Autumnal vibes & warming Fentimans Ginger Beer go together perfectly.
This fruity concoction is more treat less trick! With fresh notes of mint, ginger, zesty citrus orange, spicy star anise and smooth apple, it's a winning formula guaranteed to get the party started in perfectly seasonal and totally sophisticated style!
Cocktail Recipe
Makes 1 x cocktail - can be scaled up for parties. This shows the proportions that work best.
300ml of Fentimans' Ginger Beer, chilled
1/2 a dessert apples, cut into thin slices for a fruity garnish
Fresh orange slices
Fresh sprig of aromatic mint
3 star anise
2 shots of Vodka
Sugar to adorn the rim of the glass
ice cubes to serve
Glasses to serve
1. Begin by adding the sugar crystals to the rim of the glass. This can be easily done by firstly putting some water on the edge so that the sugar can stick.
2. Add the ice to the glass, as well as the citrus slices of orange and thin slices of apple. You can adjust how much you use according to personal preference and the level of 'zing' you are trying to achieve!
3. Add in the Fentimans Ginger Beer and vodka shots. You could alternatively use a spiced rum if you prefer, as this spirit would also compliment the flavours of the drink.
4. Finally, add in the star anise and fresh mint leaves. Gently stir to thoroughly combine the flavours together.
5. Serve up and enjoy the fizziness!
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This blog post is sponsored by Fentimans. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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