Sunday 17 June 2018

The Island Hoppers' Guide To Old Town Nicosia, Cyprus

 The Island of Aphrodite, more commonly known as Cyprus is a Mediterranean paradise. A popular hotspot for tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of life and immerse in some culture and sunshine, preferably simultaneously, it comes as no surprise that there are streams of restaurants lining the beaches and harbours, waiters eager for you to choose their establishment for dinner that night and the sky streaked with the planes landing and departing as the next load of people arrive to absorb some sunshine. This is my fourth trip to Cyprus in total and this year marks a hatrick of holidays there since 2016. This year after landing in Larnaca and staying in the club utopia which is Ayia Napa, we spent a few days on the Northern side of the island to visit family and enjoy all the Cyprus' capital city, Nicosia, has to offer. If you're planning your own Mediterranean getaway soon, then this feature should shed some light on the hidden gems which the Old Town beholds.

Upon arrival in the Old Town, which is about 15 minutes away from where we were staying with family, we lost ourselves in the twisting alleys and quaint streets which lead into the heart of the town. We found an unassuming bakery which only specialises in the local bread (why complicate things?) as well as a bookshop packed with anything and everything you could possibly think of reading, conveniently partnered with an untamed terrace, a perfect shady spot for an afternoon reading session when walking around in full sun (it was about 40 degrees, baking as it was inner city as opposed to the cooler coastal areas) is almost impossible for too long and factor 50 essential.

The artsy area of town, where crafts people and artists have workshops, selling their produce and sharing their creativity with whomever visits this enchanting part of the city boasts amazing history and also a very pretty setting. Golden hour just before sunset looked all the more warm reflected against the sandy stone walls.

We stopped by for iced coffees in Bibliotech, a restaurant located under the ever so colourful canopy of umbrellas which shade out the midday sun in a novel / very photographic manner. As we recharged and allowed the caffeine hit to sink in, kittens scampered around our feet and patrolled the area. Very cute, albeit slightly on the wild side!

Admiring the artistic side of town

After looking around the shops and absorbing the atmosphere and the beautiful old architecture which Nicosia holds so much of, we headed back to the main town. Whilst I was over on the Northern side, I also visited the beach in Deniz Kizi, Famagusta and the harbour which is nearby to it. Here are a couple of shots from there too, more to follow in a different blog post soon.

Have you visited Cyprus or anywhere in the Mediterranean before? Bilgi   x


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