Tuesday 11 April 2017

An Afternoon By The Waterfall at High Force

On Sunday, in the early afternoon, I visited one of Britain's most stunning places of natural beauty. Nestled between the rustically rural town of Barnard Castle and only a stonesthrow away from the idyllic village of Staindrop, High Force is Britain's highest waterfall and one which is very aptly named as I found out when we arrived. At 70 feet high and with torrents of water crashing down every second, High Force was a spectacle which I had never seen up until then but will never forget. Even from a distance which we first saw it, it was spectacular. It's the kind of natural phenomenon that you'd probably expect to see in a tropical country, somewhere covertly situated in the middle of a lush rainforest like a oasis of sorts, but that's the thing with nature, it always has a way of surprising you.

The first thing that hits you at High Force is the sound. You cannot ignore just how powerful this waterfall is and it's amazing that the flow is so relentless and constant. When I was there, there had not even been a heavy rain fall, so I can only imagine how it would be after a bout of April showers. Then it's the waves of dewy mist that transcend from the water in a mist as it crashes into the river Tees.

A friendly fellow waterfall visitor

Looking out across the Teesdale landscape

The rock formations were really stark, geometric and unlike any I had seen before. I find it is really refreshing to get out and see a place that is all new to me, and with a view like High Force at the end of the walk, I'd consider that a day well spent. Where is the latest place you visited that made you go 'wow, that's amazing' either in the UK or further afield? Bilgi x 

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