Friday 26 September 2014


Yesterday was EPIC. In the sense that I wasn't just going out for the sake of 'going out', I actually had an amazing, exciting and incredibly fun event to be going to. Yes, I was lucky enough to bag myself (my mum and sister too) tickets to see The Vamps on their very first 'Meet The Vamps' 2014 tour. And it rocked. I remember quite distinctly back in April, singing a medley of all their songs to my sister and then on an early morning, going to Newcastle to get tickets for the show. I remember turning the corner for the box office and being greeted with the sight of hundreds of other girls all wanting to bag themselves show tickets; some were so eager they'd camped out over night, and were huddled in duvets and puffer jackets, fully equipped with deckchairs. I remember joining the queue and thinking - am I going to get good seats? And then, hold on, am I even going to get a seat? I did. I got tickets and I was so pleased! Yes, I thought, I'm going to see The Vamps!!

Yesterday, was the day. I went to Newcastle during the day - I had to get my brace adjusted a bit too - definitely a day of Ying and Yang! - and me and Sapphire went to the city hall to see what was 'occurin'. The tour bus was there and there were two trucks full of staging equipment. On the evening, the queue to get in wound all around the building. We got in, found our seats and before long the first supports were on; A rock band called E of E (SO LOUD!!), then Luke Friend and then Nina Nesbitt, who got mobbed outside in the foyer. When the lights went out for the main attraction, there was a wave of excited screams and then onto the stage The Vamps appeared. Amazing! You know the feeling of seeing people in real actual life, after you've only seen them in photos or on the TV? Well I was like 'Wow, they're just over there!'. This video is of the  opening of the concert...

I had such a great time- I really liked Brad's solo which you can watch too, here and the finale was amazing, with a confetti cannon to make it all the more spectacular.

I discovered that Brad's actually from Newcastle, and can play the guitar, drums and keyboard, which is pretty amazing; I want to be musical too, so maybe when he's not so busy with touring, he'll teach me sometime, maybe? Dare to dream, that's what I say!
Brad looking all happy!


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  1. Looks like a great concert! Thanks for sharing.


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