Friday 17 July 2020

The Port of Leith Distillery Lind + Lime Gin Summer Garden Cocktails

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to today's blog feature here on Coconut Couture. I'm sure that with us all being in the midst of summer but mainly remaining very close to home for the foreseeable future, I  have just the thing that bring some joy into your day! Although lots of the pubs and bars have started to slowly re-open, many of us will still feel like we want and need to practise social distancing for everyone's sake, but this doesn't mean you have to miss out on those summer tipples that you love. No way! So with this in mind, I am bringing you a summer garden drinks collaboration with the wonderful and ever so authentic Port of Leith Distillery, using their bespoke Lind and Lime Gin which they carefully craft in their Tower Street Stillhouse in Leith. So chill the ice cubes and polish the best gin glasses, as I have a tipple for you that is going to become your summer drink of 2020!... 

A Bit About The Port of Leith Distillery
If you don't already know about The Port of Leith Distillery and what they are famous for, then allow me to enlighten you! The creators of highly-esteemed spirits that are distilled in Leith, Scotland, their gin is actually distilled with 100% clean electricity, produced with 100% organic ingredients and packaged with 100% plastic free materials! How amazing is that!? They are truly an amazing business that are creating a top quality artisan drink and simultaneously being considerate and mindful to the environment. Win win! 

Lind and Lime Gin was named after the relatively unsung hero of the Scottish Enlightenment, that is James Lind. Born in Edinburgh in 1716, he trained in medicine at Edinburgh University and then joined the Navy as a Surgeons Mate. Once established within his career, he conducted upon the ship which he was the surgeon, what is now considered one of the first ever clinical trials, in this instance it was to help find a prevention for scurvy which sailors were notorious for falling ill with. Vitamin C (something which limes are very high in) was eventually discovered as a way of improving the sailors' health ten-fold on long voyages and the rest is history. So Lind and Lime is both a historical story of scientific discovery as well as an incredibly versatile drink that any 'gin-thusiast' needs in their liquor cabinet!

Lind and Lime Gin: The Distillation Process
The site at which their Lind and Lime Gin is distilled is actually only half a mile away from the site of their future whisky distillery (big things are coming soon!). Gin has had a massive resurge as of late and there are countless numbers of different flavoured tipples that you can enjoy today. With this in mind, The Port of Leith Distillery decided that they wanted to do something of simplicity to perfection - and so their benchmark London Dry Gin was crafted! It takes a week for their gin to be made from start to bottling it for shipping out and selling. During this time, there are lots of intricate steps that are carefully balanced to craft the perfect product. From measuring out all of the key botanicals, prepping the fresh, organic limes and getting the gin to the correct volume, it's a complex process that requires precision, an eye for detail and care and attention. You can read more about the whole process online here.

The Key Flavours
The key flavour and tasting notes of the Lind and Lime Gin are juniper berry at the front and centre (a classic and a staple for gin), crisp citrus from fresh lime peel and a gentle spicy element from the pink peppercorns. Balanced, beautiful and intensely refreshing, this is a London Dry Gin with style, sophistication and is in a class of its own.  

A truly perfect tipple for the summer months!

The bottle which the Lind and Lime gin come in are shipped over from Italy. It's this attention to aesthetic detail that really add that 'something special' feeling and make this Lind and Lime Gin one of the very best out there on the market.

Summer Garden Tipples
- The Leith Distillery Lind and Lime Spritzer -
This is how I have made the ultimate gin and tonic that is a fabulous serve for enjoying in the garden on a glorious summer's evening, just before sun set. Best served up with good company or a good book, depending on if it's chat or escapism you're seeking.

~ Ingredients ~
2 x shots of The Port of Leith Distillery's Lind and Lime Gin
1 x sprig of fresh mint
a few slices of fresh lime
white sugar crystals to adorn the edge of the glass
ice cubes 
tonic water (can be flavoured if you would like - I went for an Elderflower tonic)
a gin glass

How To:
1. Start by adding the white sugar crystals to the edge of the glass. This looks great and adds some sweetness as you sip too.

2. Then add in a few ice cubes and the 2 x shots of gin.

3. Follow this with the mint leaves (you can crush them a bit to help release the aroma more) and the lime slices, adding one to the glass' edge too for decorative purposes.

4. Finally, top up with tonic water and serve immediately.

5. Enjoy!

Let's raise a glass! Cheers! 

Out of office. Normal business hours are between 9 - 5:30pm / (gin o'clock)

So there you have a delectable summer Gin and Tonic serve that will be both refreshing and invigorating for the senses. Do let me know if you try the Lind and Lime Gin for yourself and tag me on Instagram in any cocktail photos as I'd love to see them. Cheers everybody! Love, Bilgi   x

This blog feature contains PR samples from The Port of Leith Distillery. All views remain honest and my own.

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