Thursday 5 March 2020

Fruity Fusion Mother's Day Cocktail with Pickering's Gin

March is the month that Mum's get to be shown some love! Of course, you really don't need a special occasion to shower her with all of the love and affection which she deserves, but if ever you were waiting for the opportunity to really shower her with gifts and gratitude, March 22nd really is the day! As well as the classic presents ranging from beauty products, chocolates and flowers that Mum's are so often adorned with, why not take things from 'wow' to 'WOW' and have a girly Mum and Daughter night in and celebrate this special occasion in style together with her over an artisan tipple (...or two!...). I've teamed up with the fabulous Pickering's Gin to bring you a post that has a truly scrumptious Mother's Day cocktail in it. If you're wanting to wow her and make her feel oh so fab, then keep on reading as I have used Pickering's Gin's Classic Gin, a staple liquor cabinet essential, to shake up this uber fruity and refreshing Raspberry and Lime Spritzer. Read on for more...

Pickering's Gin's Classic Gin

A Bit About Pickering's Gin

If you don't already l know about the drinks sensation that is Pickering's Gin, then let me enlighten you to their wonderfulness. This Scottish gin company makes all of their finely crafted gin in the distillery that they built themselves. There is true passion behind their work and all of their artisan products are distinct and unique in their own way, each reflecting the quality and understanding that is necessary to create spirits with so much finesse. When Summerhall Distillery was opened, it was the first to grace Edinburgh for over 150 years. The wait was worth it and now they produce an array of classic and quintessentially unique gin varieties that are as delicious as they are innovative.

The Recipe For Success
Pickering's Gin's recipe is a time tested winner. Based upon their 1947 recipe, their gin contains nine Bombay botanicals which are engineered by them for an optimum full-bodied flavour and well balanced bitter-sweet feel.

The History Behind Pickering's Gin
Matt and Marcus, the founders of Pickering's Gin had been in business together for years but when they found that an old derelict dogs' kennels was available and just sitting unused and in a prime location, paired with the fact that Marcus had recently been given a gin recipe from a friend of his late father and both Marcus and Matt have a penchant for good gin, the idea of building a distillery emerged and what a fantastic decision that was! They didn't have a background in distilling but through experimenting and trying and testing things, out, they are now award winning experts in their field. The story of the Botanical Engineers began...

The Fruity Fusion Mother's Day Cocktail with Pickering's Gin
I have used Pickering's Gin's sublimely smooth Red Top Gin. Based on their 1947 recipe, they use angelica instead of cinnamon for those who like a classic, crisp, style of gin to compliment today's more sweet range of tonics. This gin is fresh, light and bold. The tasting notes of this particular gin are citrus and juniper, which then give way to the intense warming spice of cardamom, coriander seed and clove.  

What You'll Need
1 x bowl gin glass
a cocktail stirrer (optional)
2 x shots of Pickering's Gin's original red top gin - shop here
4 thin slices of fresh, aromatic lime
sugar to adorn the glass' edge
a few raspberries
a sprig of fresh mint for aroma
A mixer of your choice - Indian Tonic Water will compliment this gin perfectly
plenty of ice (I've used heart shaped ice!)

How To Mix
1. Start by adding the sugar to the edge of the glass and then 2 slices of the lime into the gin glass.

2. Follow this with the ice cubes. Be liberal.

3. Add in the 2 shots of the original Pickering's Gin spirit. Now things are getting good!

4. Add in the remaining slice of citrus, mint leaves and all the raspberries.

5. Finally, top up with the tonic water and ta-dah, your drink is ready! Mix up another for quality control purposes, obviously!...

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So there you have my Fruity Fusion Mother's Day Cocktail with Pickering's Gin. Have you ever heard of a more classic, sophisticated and truly delectable tipple? Be sure to rustle this delight up for your mum and you this Mother's Day and celebrate this wonderful occasion in style with some bubbles! Tag me and Pickering's Gin on Instagram if you do as well! Love, Bilgi   x

This blog post is sponsored by Pickering's Gin. All views are honest and my own.

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