Thursday 19 March 2020

Bilgi Bakes | Booshie Bakewell Tartlets with Chocolate Ganache

Hello lovelies and welcome to my first baking blog feature for a while! It seems like AGES since I last sat down and wrote a baking post about one of my culinary creations, but be assured, I have still be a baking marvel in the kitchen - you can of course check out my baking Instagram story highlight for the full visuals on that! Today I am showing you a very fancy bake that I created this year. It has elements, many of them and if you are currently looking for a project to end all other baking projects, then let me introduce you to my uber booshie bakewell tartlets that have a home made cherry jam and chocolate ganache topping too. lavish, I know! The frangipane filling is also made that bit more special with the addition of coconut, vanilla and ground pistachio nuts, which not only look beautiful, but taste amazing. So go grab a cup of tea and get cosy, as I have some baking inspo here for you. whether you decide to go forth and whisk these up or simply love looking at photos of pretty bakes, I hope you enjoy!

To make these, you can make the sweet shortcrust pastry yourself as I did (always tastes better home made) and you can also easily make the jam too, but shop bought is also ok if you're short on time etc. I used jam sugar in my jam which helps it to set and be that traditional 'jammy' consistency. I was so impressed when I first made the jam and felt oh so wholesome! Fruit to sugar ratios vary so depending upon how much fruit you can get a hold of will determine the ratio. I used about 2:3 / sugar:fruit.

The frangipane filling is again open to interpretation and can be made slightly differently. As I used pistachio nuts and coconut in mine, I used slightly less of the ground almonds and in place of these, I used the coconut and pistachio nuts.

A good frangipane standard recipe is:
225g softened butter
225g caster sugar (golden)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
3 free range or organic eggs
225g ground almonds (adjust accordingly to add some pistachio and coconut)

All you really need to do is mix these ingredients together until a smooth paste is formed. Start with the butter and sugar and go from there!

pastry recipe:
125g cold butter
250g plain flour
1 free range or organic egg
25g golden caster sugar

1. Rub the butter and flour together and then add in the egg and sugar.

2. When the dough comes together into a smooth ball, chill for an hour before use.

3. When you line your pastry cases you can bake them blind or just prick the bottoms before adding the filling if you're short on time. Fill up with the jam and frangipane and bake for 40 minutes on 180 degrees centigrade until golden.

Ganache recipe:
75g dark chocolate
75g milk chocolate
150ml double cream

1. Warm the cream up and then once heated (gently!) pour over the chocolate. When a smooth and lusciously shiny result is formed, it's ready for use. I also added gold edible glitter to mine for a fancy finish!

What do you think of these tartlets? They are super decadent and go perfect with a hot cup of tea! Why not give them a whirl this week? Love, Bilgi   x

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