Saturday 7 December 2019

Caorunn Gin Frosted Wild Scottish Raspberry Citrus Twister Cocktail

Christmas is coming around at lightening speed and with the twinkling of fairy lights, fir trees in village centres and the ever-present notion that a sudden snow storm could arrive, what with the dramatic temperature drop, it really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas as well as look like it too. I love Christmas and all of the marvellous things which come with it. The shopping (not that I need Christmas as an excuse!), the European markets and craft fayres with their carols playing as you mill around the stalls going 'Oooh' at everything and baking with cinnamon and chocolate chips every few days, there really is a lot to love at this time of year. With the festive shopping for gifts already in full swing, it's also super important to think about the Christmas drinks which you'll be serving up, both on the big day as well as on the days prior to Christmas and after when friends and family arrive in abundance for the seasonal get togethers. 

Today I am bringing you a festive cocktail feature in collaboration with the wonderful Caorunn Gin, a fantastic company who are the creators of small batch quadruple-distilled Scottish Gin. So without further ado, let me show you how to shake up and stir the ultimate Christmas cocktail that both you and all of your guests are going to simply adore. Trust me, these will be flowing aplenty!...

The History of Caorunn Gin
Caorunn Gin was set up by one man, the Gin Master and Legend that is Simon Buley. All of Caorunn Gin's produce is created using only the very finest of ingredients like natural Scottish water, pure grain and 11 fabulous botanical ingredients, 5 of which are locally foraged in the wild Scottish Highlands. These incredible ingredients include Rowan Berry, Bog Myrtle, Heather, Coul Blush Apple which is traditionally Celtic and Dandelion Leaf for a hint of sharpness. The traditional botanicals that are combined with these gin distilling ingredients for a well rounded and perfectly balanced gin are aromatic Junpier Berries, warming Coriander Seeds, Orange and Lemon Peel for their fresh and aromatic notes, sweet Angelica Root and exotic Cassia Bark.

This is a brand with passion, care and meticulous attention to detail, as Simon himself crafts each bottle of Caorunn. The gin is distilled carefully in 1,000 litre batches and run through the world's only working Copper Berry Chamber, a piece of machinery which was built back in the 1920s and is still going strong today! This is one example of how Caorunn Gin are doing things differently and remaining innovative and completely unique.  

Taste Notes of Caorunn Gin
Caorunn is a Modern “London Dry” Gin with a dry and crisp, aromatic taste adventure and a long dry finish.

Fresh, floral, citrus, slightly spicy and aromatic.

Clean, crisp, sweet, full bodied and aromatic.

Invigorating, long lasting, refreshing, crisp and slightly drying.

"Every effort has gone into making Caorunn a versatile and uplifting experience; a taste adventure that embodies contemporary, wild and sophisticated Scotland." - S.D. Buley

Frosted Wild Scottish Raspberry Citrus Twister
For this cocktail, I will be using Caorunn Gin's artisan Scottish Raspberry which has been handcrafted with Perthshire raspberries to shake and stir my Frosted Wild Scottish Raspberry Citrus Twister cocktail that is set to delight the taste buds of anyone lucky enough to be served up this delicious drink.

You will need:-
1 x shot of Caorunn Gin's Scottish Raspberry Gin
Tonic water
1 slice of fresh lemon
7 Raspberries to garnish
4 Fresh orange slices
Sugar to adorn the rim of the glass (very festive)
Plenty of ice cubes

Cocktail shaker
Cocktail stirrer

How To Mix Up
1. Start by adding the ice cubes and lemon and orange slices into your glass. Add a slice of orange onto the side of the glass for decoration too.

2. Place ice cubes, your tonic, shot of Caorunn Gin's Scottish Raspberry Gin into your glass or use a cocktail shaker and shake together thouroughly along with the orange slices, lemon and the fresh raspberries to emulsify the flavours. 

3. Pour into your glass.

4. Top the cocktail with the additional raspberries and swirl with your cocktail mixing spoon.

5. Serve up immediately and make sure you mix one for yourself too, for 'quality control' purposes naturally!

You can keep up to date with all that is happening with Caorunn Gin by following their social media accounts of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook here

So there you have wonderfully aromatic, fresh, fruity and citrusy twist of a cocktail, perfect for any and every Christmas get together this December. What do you think of this cocktail creation and its flavour combinations? Do let me know if you buy Caorunn Gin this season for your liquor cabinet as a festive drink or as a special gift for the gin lover in your life! Wishing you all the merriest and most Gin-tastic Christmas! Festive love, Bilgi    x

This post is sponsored by Caorunn Gin. All views and opinions are honest and my own.

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