Tuesday 20 February 2018

Golden Hour: First Impessions of Norvell's 'Strictly Come Dancing' Sunless Tan

The summer is a time when we are all looking and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. The sun's out, we're on holiday and a let's face it, a tan is always a good to add that bit of lustre and a healthy glow to your complexion and skin tone. Of course, we are all aware of the potential hazards which come with over exposure to damaging UVA and UVB rays and it can be a fine line between making sure we get the necessary sun our bodies actually require on a fundamental, biological level and being out that bit too long without enough sun protection for the time length of exposure and burning.  That's why using a home tan is so good. You can bypass any potential skin damage and get holiday bronze without even stepping foot on the beach!
Given that we are currently in the throws of winter and there is a slim to none chance of any of us here in the UK getting sunburn on home soil, I have been testing out Norvell's sunless tan, but this isn't just any old tan, it is actually the official tan that is used on Strictly Come Dancing! This 'Show Stopper' tan comes in light to medium or medium to dark levels, so you can decide how bronzed you would like to go and also how gradually you want to be building up your tan. I opted for light to medium as I am naturally fair skinned, so wanted to achieve a touch of a golden glow but gradually, so that I could see the results and then decide if the shade was how I like it to be.

Sunshine in a bottle
Norvell's self-tanning bronzing lotion is a gradual tan CC cream formula which is multi-purpose. It simultaneously illuminates the skin whilst also building up the tan. Formulated with the skin care benefits of a CC cream to moisturize and help to brighten the skin to extend the results. Unlike other tans, this range has been specifically formulated and contains a breakthrough blend of violet and brown tone bronzers, which are scientifically proven to neutralised any orange hue which some fake tan is truly infamous for! It can be used daily and upon application, skin is instantly illuminated, with the colour beginning to show signs of development between 2 - 3 hours after application. If you are in need of a quick tan fix ahead of a party or special occasion, it's best to give the tan a minimum of 8 hours between applications for the best possible results.

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Adding some subtle golden vibes to brighten up this winter. Get me in that bikini, summer here I come!

"Formulated to choreograph the skincare benefits of a CC cream, Show Stopper moisturises, brightens, and firms - all while evening skin tone and extending self-tanning colour results."
Have you tried any sunless tanning products before? What do you think of Norvell's Show Stopper Strictly Come Dancing tan? Let me know in the comments! Now who wants a pre-summer golden glow?! Bilgi  x
*This blog post contains a PR sample from Norvell. All opinions remain honest and my own.*

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