Monday 11 September 2017

An A / W Essential: The Shearling Coat

As we all know, the Great British summer time is an elusive creature who comes and goes as she pleases. One day we may be basking in a Mediterranean heat wave hardly believing our luck and the next it is overcast and 'mizzly' (definition: mist and drizzle - aka not summer at all). So as we head towards the A / W season and tuck away our sunnies for the year, I wanted to cast some light on a reliable and sure fire way to kick start your Autumn outfitting.

As the saying goes, the classic and reliable staples that we have are always the best - they're timeless and never go out of style. One such piece is the shearling coat (faux shearling of course). This is one of my go-to pieces for Autumn as the rustic feel it has and obviously its ability to prevent the North wind from utterly freezing me has given it great kudos in my book.

Shearling Coat from Papaya / Shop similar online

Here I have worn it simply and without fuss - it goes well with simple black jeans or leggings if you are hitting the shops or on a morning commute. It is also easy to wear if you know what I mean by this. It doesn't take oodles of effort to make it sit right or keep the collar positioned. It simply and effortlessly has a easy chic look that is hard to beat. I will be posting new winter style features in the coming weeks when we will no doubt be reaching for the knits, hats and winter earmuffs. Is anybody else no so secretly looking forward to this too? Autumn and Winter are magical and the fashion that comes with it is so worth the darker mornings.

What are your go-to winter wardrobe essentials that you would not be without? Have you spotted any winter coats that you will be making a winter investment in yet this year? Bilgi x

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