Saturday 4 March 2017

Chiffon & Cable Knit Contrast

So today I'm wearing an altogether different outfit to what I would typically go for. Different in the sense the fabric textures are so different; chunky cable knit and light, floaty skirt. Ok it's still pretty cold out, but that does not mean we can't still dress up a little bit, does it?! Obviously you don't really want to be freezing, so today I've dressed up a classic cable knit jumper with a sleek and ethereal black chiffon and lace skirt. The skirt is from River Island, the jumper from Topshop. The shoes in this post are from Next.

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Usually I am wrapped up when it's cold, but let's face it, the summer isn't really until May / June, so since it was rather mild today, I celebrated with a 'no duffle coat' day! It is the frozen north, but that's not going to stop me! Plus I am a great fan of a big jumper. Where are your favourite knitwear pieces from? Bilgi x

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