Tuesday 27 December 2016

Having a Danish ‘Hygge’ Inspired Holiday

It’s a word that is flying around the web at the moment: ‘Hygge’. For those that do not know what this means or where it originates from, allow me to explain a bit. It’s a Danish word referring to the art of taking pleasure in the little moments of our daily lives and not rushing through everything at a million-miles-per-hour. Danish people are referred to as the happiest of them all, it is because they make enjoying the moment a priority in their daily lives. You could say that ‘hygge’ is to the Danish what ‘joie de vivre’ is to the French. However you look at it, we could all do with a hygge shot in our daily lives, and at this seasonal time, I’m going to share with you some simple and festive ways which you can do so.

Write a letter
Forget the cyber space world we are all living in for a few minutes and sit down with a pen and paper and actually write to somebody. A thank you letter after Christmas is something almost all of us could write if we so desired to. It’s sometimes hard to actually pinpoint when it was the last time that we received mail that was not a statement or a bill or something equally bland. I think that letter writing is an art that shouldn’t be forgotten and lost any time soon, so why not do your bit to keep a tradition alive? Plus, hygge is about togetherness so reaching out to those who are important to us is an important part of it.
Make Hot Chocolate
Okay so we all know that coco has ‘magical’ properties that have been scientifically proven to make us happy. That is a good enough reason to make some in my opinion! Of course enjoying it in a cute mug is an essential.
No Phone Evening
If you were from 100 years ago and were somehow teleported into the future to present day, wouldn’t it be so weird to see everyone constantly ignoring each other and looking down at these things in their hands? Yep, it sure would. Having a no phone evening is something which I bet you haven’t done for, well, probably ever! Try it sometime and see if you feel any different. It is so important to just disconnect every once in a while.
A Weekly Bake
You probably already guessed, but I LOVE to bake! Recently, I’ve made everything from chocolate brownies, to marble cake and spice biscuits. Baking is something that is homely and reconnects you with fond memories and generally happy times, so getting the mixing bowl out on a weekly basis can only be a good thing.
Lighting Candles
I know some people save the fancy candles. Don’t! Use them. I love lighting a candle as I think it brings a kind of ‘zen’ to the room and having a bubble bath by candle light is divine! Extra hygge points if your candle is infused with essential oils.
And there you have it, a little guide to having a hygge-tastic time! How do you unwind and bring little moments of hygge into your day-to-day life, especially around the festive season? Bilgi x

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