Thursday 24 November 2016

The Best Christmas Beauty Buys

In a month’s time, it will be Christmas Eve again and so with Black Friday tomorrow and Christmas gift shopping on pretty much everyone’s mind, I wanted to share with you some of my latest beauty purchases which would just so happen to also be great presents. I don’t think I have ever actually been shopping on Black Friday that I remember anyway. I’ve seen how crazy people get on the news, shoving their way into shops, trampling anything and anyone who gets in their way and it all seems completely ridiculous to me! Plus, I am not one to queue for hours to get into a shop, it’s way too cold for that nonsense! When it comes to gift shopping, I think that on the whole, shopping for girls is far easier than trying to choose good gifts for guys, probably because there is just more to select from really. These items which I’m going to show you are good gift ideas because almost all girls will find them useful and will actually enjoy using them too, so it’s a win win!
Smashbox ‘Light It Up’ Primer and Primer Water
The best primer I have ever used comes from Smashbox. They do lots of different kinds depending upon your skin type and what you want from a primer (colour correcting, smoothing etc). I personally go for Smashbox’s ‘Photo Finish Foundation Primer’ – it goes on so effortlessly, feels completely weightless as it is oil free and it is the perfect base to applying liquid foundation.  I haven’t actually tried primer water (yet!) but as part of the gift box offer there was one of each kind included so I thought this was a good opportunity to shake up my make-up routine a bit.
Shop the Smashbox primer range here. Full range of beauty products available online here.
Seventeen Collection: ‘Make You Mark’ Blackest Black Eyeliner and ‘WOW!’ touche éclat

I love doing a cat’s eye flick with my eyeliner and after trying many different kinds, I have decided that liquid felt tip style eyeliners work the best for me. The lines are clean and you can make your eyeliner really precise and dramatic if you want to.
The ‘WOW!’ concealer is a new product in their range brought out just in time for Christmas and is perfect for adding a touch of light under your eyes, under your eyebrows or you could even use it as part of your contouring regime! Shop Seventeen collection at Boots here.

Pink Dipped Powder Brush available from Accessorize – ideal for applying blusher
Hair Care by Bumble and Bumble

I’m going to be trying some new hair care in the form of Bumble and Bumble’s ‘Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil’ and ‘Thickening’ Shampoos & Conditioners, and pair them with Bb. Thickening hairspray and Blow Dry products, so maximum volume and bounce-ability! The hairspray sounds good because it’s not going to make your hair crispy, rather instead of waiting until your hair is dry, you can spray it into wet hair along with the blow dry balm and then style as you dry, finishing it all off with an additional set-ready mist and you’re good to go!
Shop Bumble and Bumble online
Because it’s not Christmas without amazingly jazzy / fluffy socks!
Have you started your Christmas shopping? Are you super organised and already have everything bought and wrapped? (if so, that is very organised!) Hope this product post has inspired any of you still in the process of gift gathering! Bilgi x

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