Wednesday 20 July 2016

What Should a Graduate Do?

Hello! So today I thought I would write a post which I'm sure will be relevant to some of you out there - what to do upon graduation from University? It seemed just like yesterday when our Degree courses began but here we are freshly graduated and it's big decision time regarding what to do with ourselves. The tricky thing is when all you have ever known is education and the structure which it provides, when you reach the end of your studies and your time is now unstructured, what is the best option? Obviously many people decide to go onto work straight away, heck some people don't even go on holiday, they just jump straight into the daily 9-5 grind! I'm currently deliberating as to what is the best option for myself.

I am currently deciding if I am going to go onto study a Masters this coming academic year or work. There is always the option of traveling too, but I am not the kind of person who would relish going somewhere solo. That's just not for me at this stage. I would much prefer to have a travel companion as that's half the fun isn't it? Having someone to share the memories with and experience all the unique and interesting, cultural stuff with.

Are you a recent graduate and in the process of planning out your future? If so, I'd love to hear about what your plans are. You might help to inspire me!

Bilgi x


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