Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Adding Cosy Ambiance: University Room Décor Essentials from Amazon

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to today's post! I've compiled a curated collection of lovely room décor essentials and accents which are from Amazon, as I know university is just around the corner, and for so many this will be their very first year at uni, so making the room you've been given feel like your own is vitally important for helping you to successfully settle in and feel good.

I remember when I first went to uni, I unleashed my inner interior designer to make my uni room look as cute and cosy as possible! I had fairy lights, an old fashioned map of the world and so much more adorning the walls, desk and shelves! So I hope my Amazon selection helps to inspire you and give you all the décor inspo you may require! You can easily shop any of the pieces too by clicking on them and you'll be transported straight to the wonderful place which is Amazon. Hope you enjoy and let me know which pieces are your favourites and which you would love to add to your uni / dorm room! Love, Bilgi   x

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