Friday, 25 June 2021

Summer Spa Night at Home Essentials

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to today's spa night at home inspired blog feature! I was recently sent some really lovely things in PR and I thought that they really came together in a way that would make them perfect for a mini spa night from the comfort of your own home, so I'm going to share them with you incase you too would like a mini pamper session this weekend! They're all linked so they can be shopped via Amazon too, so you can get them asap as well!...

Spa Ambiance Essentials
So I'm going to start off with the pillow spray from Feather and Down. If you've seen any of my previous gift guides, especially at Christmas time, you'll probably have seen that I've talked about Feather and Down's products before. Ideal for helping you get a restful nights sleep, their pillow spray is infused with chamomile and lavender essential oils which are renown for inducing feelings of deep relaxation and calm. I love their collection of bath and body care and they make great gift sets too. As we're halfway back to Christmas now too (can you believe!!) I've linked the Feather and Down Body Lotion and Pillow Spray set too as they go together very harmoniously! Incase you haven't tried pillow spray out before and just want to trial it, they also do a mini pillow spray which you can get that's also the most perfect travel size for any staycations you've got planned.

I also think a silk eye mask is a must have, even if it's not something you reach for every day, because for future travels etc, they can come in so handy, and whilst we're on the topic, I cannot recommend satin or silk pillow cases highly enough either. I use satin pillow cases and they are literally amazing at keeping your hair smoother and frizz-free, especially important for the night you've washed it if you want to wake up with a smoother looking style!

Bring In The Snacks!
No spa night is complete without the snacks! Spas are so good for offering you a selection of really healthy but delicious foods and snacks, and with that in mind, I have a couple of things to show you. Pip and Nut have a great selection of different nut butters, both in traditional flavours and with fun additions. This one is their gingerbread almond butter and they also make peanut butter (both smooth and crunchy of course) and dark chocolate almond butter too which sounds delicious! Added to rye bread for a nutritious snack or even swirled into porridge, it's really yummy! For a spa night, I'd suggest cutting up crispy apple slices and then using the almond butter as a dip. This makes for a wholesome and nutritious snack, that should leave you feeling energised and boosted.

KIND also make really nutritious and delicious bars which are perfect for a light snack and also for grabbing and putting in your bag when you head out. These are the spiced apple variety but they have oh so many options for you to choose from!
KIND's Almond and Coconut bars give a nutty tropical twist that is really more-ish and they also do a Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt version that's perfect for any salty and sweet lovers out there!

Bringing The Tropical Vibes To You!
Body Bliss have some of the most delightful and affordable bath and body care available at the moment and this dreamy set has some serious tropical vibes which I'm personally loving! I always think that coconut is such a lovely summery aroma and makes me think of holidays and summer time, so this Indulge Me collection featuring their Vanilla and Macadamia Body Wash, Vanilla and Macadamia Hand Cream, Coconut Water Shower Scrub and Coconut Water Bath and Shower Gel is perfection!

You can also get Body Bliss products individually or in a smaller set like their
Body Bliss Coconut Crush set. The Vanilla and Macadamia Scrub and Coconut Water Bath and Shower Gel would be fab toiletries to take away for a weekend away.

Project: Getting Glam
So often a spa day / night is part of the getting glam and 'glow up' that you can do before a weekend with the girls or a trip somewhere. Along with a mani-pedi and doing your hair etc, Joelene bleach is great for lightening darker hair that's on arms for example. It's gentle and effective and only takes about 10 minutes too! Before a mini-break it's a little something extra you can do to make yourself feel your best! There's also a unwanted hair remover you can use too if you want it to simply be gone!

I hope you enjoyed this guide and round up of just a few fab products you can try out to create a fun at home spa night! Let me know if you do try out any of these products for yourself! Love, Bilgi   x

You can shop all of these spa night essentials and a few similar extra ones here, all available on Amazon.


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