Friday, 23 June 2017

Traveller Series | The Best Beaches in Cyprus

A couple of weeks ago I returned from a one week whistle stop island exploration of arguably one of the most majestic places in the Mediterranean. Famed for its glorious weather, fresh produce and friendly feel, not to forget its stunning beaches, it was only right to try out as many beaches as I could whilst privileged enough to be in such a holiday hot spot. The ideal thing about being on an island that is only 200 miles in diameter is it is more than possible to have a fully immersive island experience. In the space of the week, I visited three different beaches, all equally unique and rather spectacular. Some are more famed than others, but hidden gems tend not to shout their splendour, yet allow you to discover them.
Our Cyprus holiday began in the much famed town of Ayia Napa, known for its bubbly nightlife scene which is metaphorical catnip to youngsters hopeful of a summer to remember. I agree that Ayia Napa is an ideal party place but there is far more to it than just this. There are museums, a stone sculpture park and sights of interest all around for the culturally inclined to indulge in, but I digress. I'll be posting my photographs of this side of the strip in another feature, but for now, get ready to vicariously travel the length of Cyprus exploring all their beaches have to offer.
Deniz Kizi - Kyrenia, North Cyprus

We spent the first few days of the holiday in Ayia Napa before making a trip to Nicosia which is on the Turkish side of the island, to visit relatives and enjoy a couple of lively kebab fuelled evenings! Deniz Kizi beach is stunning and secluded in comparision to so may others which are highlighted as tourist attractions in the Med. Located in Northern Cyprus, we visited this beach last year when in Cyprus and just had to pay it another visit this time around. It is right beside a 5 star hotel which should give some insight into how breath-taking it really is.

They have hammocks there too which is obviously a great idea. They are very relaxing whilst in them, somewhat challenging to get out of. A good idea to have someone with you to pull you out!

Palm gazing from the hammock

Nissi Beach - Ayia Napa

The ultimate beach. Seriously. From our hotel apartment in Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach was a short and scenic ten minute taxi ride away. If you're happy to hitch a lift with your fellow tourists, then the cab price is really low. When I first laid eyes upon this beach, the first thing that struck me was just how aqua blue the sea was and how it genuinely did sparkle in the sun's rays. It is one of the fourteen beaches in Ayia Napa to have been awarded a blue flag of beach quality. A true, blue, Mediterranean haven. This is definitely the beach that everybody who is vay-caying in Ayia Napa has heard of and flocks to, as it offers everything you'd want, from beach clubs, bars, water sports and music. It has this really unique tidal feature too where the water separates and actually makes a path right through the middle of the sea which you can walk through without the water going past your waist. This path takes you over to a small island which has a stunning view across the whole beach. A few wild ones where cliff jumping from there, something I merely watched as the drop was at least 15 meters!

You can check out more of my holiday photos on my Instagram

Pantachou Beach - Ayia Napa
Another beach within Ayia Napa, this was only a twenty five minute walk away from our hotel. Again it was well equipped with beach bars, water sports, music and general summer good vibes. The waters are crystal clear and warm in the shallows which is exactly how I like the sea!

Pantachou beach by night

I will be planning my next adventure in the coming weeks, so if you've been to any far away shores that herald beautiful beaches let me know! Bilgi x


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