Sunday 2 April 2017 / London, UK

From London, With Love

I think, at least once a month, it's important to get away from the daily grind and do something out of the ordinary. It's all very well having the weekend off, but if you always end up doing the same things or lounging around, then those precious days off go in a flash and there's nothing to show for it. This week, I shook things up a bit as I went to one of my favourite cities, London. I was there to do something specific (and also really exciting!) on the Friday morning, but on Thursday when I arrived and then Friday afternoon, it was time to explore the city which I used to live in. When I go places and it's for a couple of days, I like to have a plan of sorts, so I can hit up the maximum number of places in the minimum time which I have. So here's a photo diary of my break in London, including snaps of some of my favourite moments.
It can feel like a whirlwind, but it's a good one to be swept up in with so much fun stuff happening. When we got to London, our first port of call was China Town and that meant only one thing. A trip to Bubble Wrap - Sapphire wanted to go so when her waffle arrived I had to take a photo of it just because look at it! It looked pretty amazing!
Bubble waffle from Bubble Wrap in China Town
The good thing about the West End is that everywhere you'd want to have a look is within walking distance more or less. We went to some lovely independent shops past Covent Garden and then headed towards Trafalgar Square which was only about a 10 minute walk away from China Town and it was so busy because we'd arrived on such a lovely day. Summer had descended upon London early for sure! We then had a walk down Whitehall, past parliament and towards Big Ben and the London Eye.
Friday morning saw me heading into the city centre early for an important meeting and then in the early afternoon heading out for lunch at Masala Zone (new post coming soon on that!). We then headed into the West End again, going to Liberty and Harrods, two places you have to visit if you're going shopping and want to see stuff that the high-street doesn't usually have to offer.
Harrods Food Hall 'cronut' selection. If you're wondering what a cronut is, it's basically a croissant crossed with a doughnut and filled and topped with all sorts of good stuff.
Zebra chocolate and traditional cronut with chocolate cream filling and Chai Tea from Starbucks Mayfair.
Admiring the flowers outside Liberty London
The remainder of the afternoon and early evening was spent on Regent Street. I went to Calvin Klein and got myself something nice from there. You can check out my London photos over on my Instagram too.
When was the last time you were in your favourite city? Have you got any min-breaks planned over the next few week? Let me know in the comments below! Bilgi x

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