Sunday, 11 December 2016

Bilgi Bakes | Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake

So my latest baking creation is a funky vanilla and chocolate marble cake which was so much fun to make. I particularly liked making this cake because you never really know how the pattern is going to turn out so it's always a surprise! This is a real crowd pleaser as I'm yet to find anyone who isn't a fan of vanilla and / or chocolate, so a combination of both the above is a guaranteed winner. I made it look festive by decorating it with some white chocolate stars and icing sugar 'snow'. If you find the swirled marble effect aesthetically pleasing, my Millionnaires' $hortbread also uses a swirling technique for the decoration!  
If you fancy whipping up this cake yourself, here are the ingredients and kit you'll need.
250g Butter or Margarine
400g Self-raising flour
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1/3 of a vanilla bean
40g of cocoa powder (Cadbury's Bournville is best)
4 Free range or Organic eggs
250g golden granulated sugar
1 bar of Bournville Dark Chocolate
Stuff you need
Baking parchment
Wooden spoon
Weighing scales
1. Whisk together the margarine and sugar, before adding the eggs and a bit of the sifted flour into the mix. 
2. Add the vanilla extract and the 1/3 of the vanilla bean pod - take the middle bit out of this and only use that as that's where the seeds and flavour all are.
3. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly combined, you need to equally split the mixture. (Things could start to get messy from here on in!) Once the mix is split evenly, add the cocoa powder to one half and whisk it in. 
4. Put the mixture (neatly if you can manage it!) into two separate piping bags. Now, to make sure that there is a stripey-marbly-wavy look to the cake, you need to pipe a splodge of vanilla, then a splodge of chocolate on top of that and keep going! Make sure your baking tin is lined with the parchment on the bottom too. If it's a non-stick tin then it'll be fine without it but it's an extra precaution so it doesn't get stuck!
5. Bake the cake in a preheated at 180 decrees centigrade for about 1 1/2 hours or until it is baked all the way through.
6. Wait until it's cooled then sandwich with Nutella (yum!) and melted Bournville dark chocolate and white chocolate stars and icing sugar snow on the top and ta-dah, you're all done!


Note: Does what it says on the jar
I don't know about you, but I love Nutella! The stuff is amazing and did you know it is what's in the middle of a Ferrero Rocher? When I found that out I was like 'This is incredible information, now I know why I love Ferrero Rocher's so much!'. Nutella is a lovely spreadable middley bit for a cake and I like the hazelnutty element to it. For the top of the cake, chocolate that sets when cooled is better.
Let me know if you give this cake a go and end me a snap over on one of my social media platforms, I'd like to see what you come up with! Happy festive baking! Bilgi x



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