Tuesday 8 July 2014

Foundation Revelation

So for the past few months I have been shaking up my make-up ‘routine’ to make it less routine and more fun and diverse. To me, there are two essential steps to a flawless skin complexion, and other than the care from the inside out (lots of water, fruit/veg, exercise etc. etc.) there are two pieces of make-up which are the key to attaining this. 1. a top quality liquid foundation, 2. A superb finishing powder. My latest make-up purchase was a ‘CK one’ liquid foundation and it does not disappoint. With an inbuilt serum for skin’s optimum hydration, primer and sun protection factor 8 to boot, this liquid base really does tick all the boxes of what you’d want from a foundation. It’s still better to apply your moisturiser before applying your make-up, but if you’re in a mad rush and going to be late and something’s got to give, this foundation will be your saving grace, as it has in built skin nourishing properties and vitamins a, c and e too, so your skin shouldn’t feel tight even if you miss a step in your skin care.

This particular foundation is interesting because it has ‘magic’ properties which make it wearable for skin shades one tone lighter and darker than the foundation itself. Depending upon the light you’re in, the foundation reacts to match with your exact skin colour, mimicking its natural colour and texture. So even after your summer holiday and you’ve got a golden glow, never fear, you don’t need to change your foundation, because this one by CK will adapt and still be the correct tone for you. I’d say this foundation is ideal for summer because it provides a light wear, even coverage, so you won’t feel excessively caked in the heat, but will have a fresh and healthy complexion all day.

To find out what shade is for you, see one of the make-up consultants and they’ll get you matched up. Overall this foundation is a make-up staple and will be your skin’s best friend.

The shade I wear is called ‘Ivory’ 050 and is perfect for fair skin; it can be really hard to find a light foundation that doesn't make you look orange, but this one will match well and is non-tango!

Retails at £25.00


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